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Read all about our Awesomenaut Program on the website:


For New Awesomenauts


Orientation is a 4 hour session and kicks-off the program for the season. The typical agenda is:

  • Welcome from President and Executive Director, Derek Seabury
  • Scheduling and program overview with Member Services Manager
  • Facilities training & first projects with Facilities Manager


Before you arrive for your orientation, same time by registering in our system if you haven't already. Select "Friend/Other" as your registration type (that will make the payment fields disappear from the form) -

What to wear

  • Closed-toed shoes, shop-appropriate clothing (clothes that can get dirty, long pants, no loose or dangly clothes or accessories, long hair tied back)
  • Basic protective gear is provided (safety glasses and gloves, ear protection) but feel free to bring your own if you have it

What to bring

  • Your schedule availability
  • Water bottle

Shifts and Scheduling

Tell us your interests & availability

  • Everyone should fill out this interest & availability form to help us plan group projects and independent projects for your weekly 8 hours. Ideally we'll have a few small groups working based on your schedules and you'll self manage your additional 4 hours.

Manager your own shifts

  • We all use a shared google calendar to tell each other when we'll be in. If you're ready to go with independent shifts, add a weekly appointment to the shared calendar with your name in the title.

How to add and change your shifts


Adopt a Tool

Every Awesomenaut should adopt one (or many!) tools to make sure it has the following information!

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