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Artisans Asylum is governed by a Board of Directors. Some of these Directors are appointed, and some are elected directly by the members. Directors serve staggered 2-year terms. This page is for a record of board public activities. Board responsibilities are dictated by the Bylaws.


Board Members (Bios)

Rahul Bhargava, Appointed. Term: October 2013 to October 2015
Calvin Domenico, Elected. Term: June 2012 to October 2014
Lenny Foner, Elected. Term: October 2013 to October 2015
Mimi Graney, Treasurer. Elected. Term: June 2012 to October 2014
W. Aaron Waychoff- Chair, Elected: Term October 2013 to October 2015

To send mail to the Board as a whole (including officers, such as the President/Executive Director, and the Secretary), send mail to

Office Hours

This month's office hours. Future months may have different schedules.

  • T Jan 7th 7-8p Aaron
  • M Jan 13th 4-5p Lenny
  • R Jan 23rd 2-3p Mimi
  • T Jan 28th 7-8p Rahul


The board meets approximately once a month. Meetings in 2014 will be the second Wednesday of each month. Approved minutes from each meeting are posted below. These minutes are for the community's information. Formal meeting records are the responsibility of the Secretary.

Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2014
Meeting Minutes - November 21, 2013
Meeting Minutes - October 9,2013
Meeting Minutes - August 21, 2013
Meeting Minutes - July 16, 2013
Meeting Minutes - April 3, 2013
Meeting Minutes - February 13, 2013
Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2013
Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2012
Meeting Minutes - November 27, 2012
Meeting Minutes - October 23, 2012
Meeting Minutes - September 22, 2012
Meeting Minutes - August 11, 2012
Meeting Minutes - June 30, 2012

Annual Meeting Notes & Supporting Materials

Fall 2013 Annual Meeting - Notes & Community Updates
Fall 2013 Annual Meeting - Treasurer's Report
Fall 2013 Annual Meeting - Board Activities Report
Fall 2013 Proposal 1: Bikes Front & Center -- SCUL Shop Move
Fall 2013 Proposal 2: More Studio Space -- Greentown Labs Annex
Fall 2013 Proposal 3: Asylum at All Hours -- Proposed Changes to Membership Structure
Fall 2013 Proposal 3B: Institutional Membership Alternatives
Proposals Addenda:
Greentown Labs Annex Layout Diagram & Income Spreadsheet
New Membership Structure Proposal Comparison Worksheet

Artisan's Asylum Budget Documents

Board-Approved FY'14 Profit and Loss Budget

Board-Approved Policies

See Board-Approved Policies on the Policies Category page.

2013 Bylaws Revision

Bylaws approved April 17, 2012 (the ones being revised)
Bylaws issues summary from Ropes & Gray
Draft bylaws revision for community review 6Aug2013

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