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Tools at the Asylum
Bridgeport Series 1 2HP
R2V3 Series 1 CNC

R2V3 with LinuxCNC refit

General Info
ModelSeries 1 2HP
Mfr. Specs
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesMilling Machines
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
LocationMachine Shop
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Uses Universal Engineering Kwik-Switch 200 series tool holders. Asylum has a small supply of Kwik-Switch tooling, stored in a holder on the electrical cabinet behind control arm.


[2017-02-20: Specs listed are for model R2E3. Asylum has an R2V3 - some specs are different.]
[Max feed is for old controller. New control system limits speeds to 60ipm on all three axes.]

Leading Data Inch Metric
Table Travel (X Axis) 17.5 in. 444mm
Saddle Travel (Y Axis) 11.1 in. 282mm
Quill Travel (Z Axis) 5 in. 127mm
Knee Travel (manual) 14 1/2 in. 368mm
Throat Distance 14 1/2 in. 368mm
Table to Spindle up at gage line 7 1/8 in. 181mm
Maximum vertical load uniform distribution 300 lbs. 136kg
Overall size 42 x 16 1/8 in. 1067 x 410mm
Working surface 34 x 12 1/2 in. 864 x 318mm
T-slots 3 on 4 3/8 in. centers 3 on 111mm centers
T-slot size 5/8 in. 15mm
Positioning speed 250 ipm 6350mm/min
Height above floor max 47 1/2 in. 1207mm
Motor Rating 2 HP 1.5kw
Taper #30 for quick change holders
Speed Range 60-4200 RPM
Transmission ratios 1:1 and 8.92:1
Rapid approach rate (Z axis) 200 ipm 5080mm/min
Controlled downfeed range .1-100.0 ipm 2-2540mm/min
Drilling capacity mild steel 3/4 in. dia. 19mm dia.
Milling capacity mild steel 1.5 cu in/min 25 cc/min
Boring range To 4 in. dia. To 102mm dia.
Spindle diameter 1 3/8 in. 35mm
Quill diameter 3 3/8 in. 86mm
Space and Weight
Floor area (doors open) 108 x 99 in. 2743mm x 2515mm
Floor area (doors closed) 64 x 64 1626mm x 1626mm
Height 92 in. 2337mm
Weight (with control) 3550 lbs. 1610 kg.
Electrical supply 60hz 230V/460V single connection or,
3 phase 280V on special order
Main power breaker 25A/15A per phase
Electrical rating 6 KVA


This machine has 3 servos for the x, y, and z axis. Specifications are below

  • Rated Torque: 30" pounds
  • Max Voltage: 146
  • Rms Amps: 14.6
  • Max pulse Amps: 58.3
  • Frame C402-3
  • Model 402CNSPOS72


BEI electronics. Each servo is fitted with a BEI electronics encoder Model: 25G-250-ABZC-8803-sM18-s (150336-250)

BEI encoders have been scrapped and replaced with higher resolution rotary encoders. Automation Direct part number [add here].


File:P2-S pendant LinuxCNC manual.pdf

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