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Sharp CNC Mill

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The Sharp LMV is a vertical knee mill.

Bridgeport-style 2-axis CNC milling machine 9″x42″ Sharp LMV 2-axis CNC mill with Acu-Rite MillPWR v1.3.1 controller, 3-HP 5,000 rpm, 27″ X-travel, 12″ Y-travel, 5″ quill travel, 15″ Z-travel

See also our own software for converting G-code to Acu-Rite commands for this mill.



Working surface9” x 42"
T-slot number, size3, 5/8"
Table travel; x-axis30"
Saddle travel; y-axis12"
Ram travel12"
Quill travel (Z-axis)5"
Knee travel16"
Spindle to column (min-max)6 3/4" - 18-1/2"
Spindle to nose table2 1/8” - 18"
Motor3 HP
Wiring voltage220/440v, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Speed (vari-speed)60-4,500 RPM
Quill feed (IPR)0.0015”, 0.003”, 0.006"
Head swivel360º
Head tilt; right-to-left (each way)45º
Head tilt up-and-down (each way)45º
Floor area (w x d)7’ x 6.5'
Net weight2,400 Lbs.

Full Specifications

  • A Waldmann HG-55 is used for illumination. It uses a 12 V halogen lamp, part number JA12V-55WD. The fuse for it is a standard glass fuse, 5A 1.25"x0.25".

Manufacturer's software

Controller Firmware Manufacturer's Link[.zip]

Remote Storage Manufacturer's Link[.zip]

Our own software

Converting G-code to Acu-Rite commands for the Sharp CNC Mill

Crib Sheet

Sharp CNC Crib Notes courtesy Arthur Torrey.


  • Collets for CNC mill and other mills are here:

  • Auto-lubrication pump is on the left of the machine. Make sure it is unplugged at the end of use. It is suggested the cable be draped on the front of the machine as a reminder to the next user to plug it in.

  • There are three upper lubrication points. Lubricate the spindle before each use; fill cups to overflowing with medium spindle oil.


  • When homing the system initially, do NOT walk away; start with the table to right.
  • It is important to make sure the quill is all the way up when changing the tool; the air powered tool changing system can otherwise not reach the bolt. If the quill is not all the way up, the tool changer can also wear the bolt.
  • Adjust the speeds when the machine is running.
  • The direction of the spindle is different for the low and high gear ranges; if the switch is going one way in the low speed range, it will go the opposite in the high gear range.
  • When milling pockets, typically the tool moves clockwise (when viewed from above); the motion of the tool head should also be clockwise in relation to the part.

Lubrication Schedule

Lubricate three headstock oil cups with medium spindle oil before every use.

Lubricate ways with way oil or use automatic power oiler. Remember to unplug the power oiler when done for the day! Otherwise, the automatic oiler will eventually dump a giant puddle of oil under the machine.

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