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Audio / Visual "Shop"

The Asylum audio / visual virtual "shop" coordinates audio / visual systems for MPR1, the social area, and elsewhere within the Asylum, or for an Asylum presence at off-site events. If you need to to arrange for equipment or don't know how to use the pre-installed gear, please contact Dr.Claw at

MPR1 System

MPR1 Components

  • Projection-painted wall "screen"
    • 16'×9'
  • Projector
    • Inputs next to screen:
      • HDMI
      • VGA input
    • FoH position inputs:
      • HDMI
      • Composite Video (1x RCA)
      • Component Video (3x RCA)
      • (These inputs are currently coiled up in the ceiling)
  • Audio System
    • Black A/V cart next to screen
      • Single power switch brings up entire system
      • Wired Mic on Lectern
      • 2x Wireless handheld Mics on Cart
      • Line In from Instructor's PC
      • 1/8" Line In at lectern for laptop / phone
      • Mixer to set relative levels
    • Pair of powered speakers
      • Please don't touch the controls, power them on via the main system power switch and set levels and patch sources in via the mixer.

MPR1 Usage Instructions


  • Power on the projector via the "On" button on the projector remote.
  • Power on the audio system via the labeled switch on the power sequencer.


If you are using the Instructor's PC, everything should be ready to go! If you brought your own laptop:

  • For HDMI:
    • There is an HDMI input box on the floor near the projection wall with a long cable (from the Instructor's PC) plugged into it and a regular HDMI cable zip tied to it. Unplug the Instructor's PC cable from the box and plug the shorter HDMI cable from the box to your laptop.
  • For VGA:
    • The VGA cable is coiled on the floor at the left side of the screen. Plug it into your laptop.
    • Use the "Input Source" button on the remote to switch to the projector to VGA.
    • When you're done, please change the projector source back to HDMI1.
  • For Computer / Phone Audio:
    • Please turn down the Line In channel on the mixer, plug the 1/8" cable into your device, and bring the Line In channel back up.
    • When you're done, please turn the Line In level down on the mixer before unplugging the cable from your laptop.
  • Microphones:
    • There are 3 mics in MPR1 - One wired mic in a stand on the lectern and two wireless handhelds on the black cart next to the mixer.
    • All three mics have on switches on them, make sure they are turned on, and make sure the mic channels on the mixer are turned up enough to be heard.


When you're done, please shut off the projector via the "Off" button on the remote (you need to press it twice) and power down the audio system via its single power switch.

Social Area System

Social Area Components

  • Pull-down projection screen
  • Projector
    • Inputs:
      • HDMI
      • VGA
      • These inputs are both connected to the "HDMI 1" input on the projector via a conversion box.
      • There is also a passive VGA switch and a passive HDMI switch for swapping back and forth between two inputs.


  • Audio
    • HiFi Reciever w/ Speakers
    • Tiny Mixer
    • Wired Mic
    • Wireless Handheld

Social Area Usage Instructions

For Video:

  • Turn the projector on via the "On" button on the remote.
  • Plug your laptop into via either the HDMI or VGA cable sitting on the raised shelf above the desk.
    • You do not need to select the source, the converter box will send whichever channel is plugged in up to the projector.
    • Please shut the projector off via the "Off" button on its remote when you are done.

For Audio:


  • Make sure the A/V Receiver is on, set to "CD", and that the speakers are turned on.


  • Change overall volume via the large knob on the receiver, and individual channel volume via the knobs on the small mixer.


  • There is 1/8" Line-In connection on the white desk, and a Bluetooth connection as well, both accessed via the tiny mixer.
  • There are two mics, one wired, one wireless, both have power switches so make sure they're on, and that their channels on the mixer are turned up loud enough to be heard.


  • Pull-down projection screen
  • Permanent system to be installed by the end of March 2019

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