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SCUL's bike shop is available to Asylum members.


The bicycle shop is available to Asylum members any time except during SCUL's weekly MRC (Maintenance, Repair and Construction) event and mission time from April through October. Those hours are typically 5:00 pm Saturday until 7:00 am Sunday.


SCUL has a weekly bicycle-hack-session called Basenite on Tuesday evenings from approximately 6 pm until whenever. Asylum members are welcome to stop in and join in the fun! SCUL loves bicycles. SCUL pilots may even chip in and help with your repair or hack, depending how busy it is.


The prerequisite for using any tools in the bike shop is attending a free introductory training. Trainings are offered weekly; contact Molly to set up a time. Please do not use any tools in the bike shop without a proper introduction.

Available tools

A complete and thorough list of tools available in the bike shop is provided as part of the free introduction. Available toolboards/boxes are labeled "Shared". Highlights include:

  • Several bike stands
  • Bench vises
  • Solvents, cleaners, lubricants (consider making a small monetary donation if using any of these)
  • Rags
  • Safety glasses and ear protectors
  • Bicycle-construction specific tools
    • Pipe vise
    • Bicycle frame jig
    • Knurlers, guides, frame alignment gauge, blocks, hacksaws, files, a tubing notcher, etc.
    • Wheelbuilding tools, including a truing stand, spoke wrenches, spoke threader, nipple driver and a dishing gauge
    • SCUL-built fork jigs and other special purpose tools
  • Bicycle-maintenance specific tools
    • Headset tools, including a headset press
    • Bottom bracket and cassette removal tools
    • Crank removal tools
    • Cone and pedal wrenches
    • Metric and standard spanners
    • 3rd/4th hand, chain gauges, chain tools, chainring spanners, axle vises, chain whips, cable cutters, etc.
    • Pumps, tire levers, pressure gauges
  • Hand tools
    • Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, scissors, chisels, sledge hammers, wire cutters, snips
    • Hex (allen) wrenches, all sizes
    • Paint brushes, rulers, vise grips, awls, channel locks, levels

What if I break something or use something up?

It happens. SCUL just needs to know about it so that it can be repaired or replaced.

  1. Take one of the yellow damage tags from the box on the center support of the aisle side of the A-frame bicycle hanger.
  2. Fill it out as descriptively as possible:
    1. Good: "The bicycle pump clamp is damaged and doesn't stay seated on the valve."
    2. Not so good: "This doesn't work!"
    3. Or, if something's used up: "We're out of teflon grease!"
  3. Attach it to the damaged item or the empty container using tape (in a drawer labeled tape in a gray cabinet) or a rubber band cut from inner tube (in the cubbyhole labeled "rubber band stock" in the green cabinet).
  4. For extra credit, notify a SCUL pilot either in person or via e-mail.

Unavailable equipment

None of the remaining equipment in the bike shop is available to Asylum members; higher quality tools are available in other craft areas in the Asylum. For example, drill presses, electronics tools, sewing tools, screenprinting tools and printers, and computers are not available.

Please do not ride any bicycles (ships) unless being guided and invited to do so by a SCUL pilot.


Metal stock, parts in parts bins and drawers, inner tubes/other repair parts, and any and all other parts are not available to Asylum members. Please do not help yourself to any parts or other consumable hardware. However, Park Sales is right around the corner on Somerville Ave. and has a good selection of parts at reasonable prices.


Wanna get involved? The best way to do so is to come to basenite and introduce yourself!

More questions? E-mail h4ckw0r+h anytime.

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