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*Digital Fabrication - Red and purple
*Digital Fabrication - Red and purple
*Screen Printing - Red and green
*Screen Printing - Red and green
Most shops have one or more [[Shop Leads]] who overlook the shop.
===Adding A Public Craft Area===
===Adding A Public Craft Area===

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Also see our Opt-in Renter Directory or detailed floor plan with studio #s here:

Below are the main craft areas Artisan's Asylum -- publicly available to all members.

Shop Area Colors Tools, maintenance and cleaning supplies are marked with colors so we know where they live.

  • General Artisan's - Red and white
  • Facilities resources - Red and fluorescent pink
  • E&R - Red and fluorescent green
  • Hot Crafts - Red and orange
  • Woodworking - Red and yellow
  • Welding - Red and blue
  • Machining - Red and black
  • Digital Fabrication - Red and purple
  • Screen Printing - Red and green

Most shops have one or more Shop Leads who overlook the shop.

Adding A Public Craft Area

To add areas to this listing, use a CraftArea Template.

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