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* Wall projector for classes
* Wall projector for classes
* Wednesday night [[Circuit Hacking Night]]
* Wednesday night [[Circuit Hacking Night]]
If you want to donate things to E&R, check out [].

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Active Craft Areas
Electronics and Robotics

Solder stations and work benches

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesMissing
Managed ByAndrew Anselmo, Jacob LaRocca
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

Resources Available

  • Eight soldering stations (donated by ThermalTronics)
  • Various DVM's, power supplies, and signal generators
  • Several oscilloscopes
  • Various hand tools
  • Bench mounted circular magnifier with light
  • Bench mounted stereo microscope for surface mount work
  • Small lab oven
  • Large stock of 5V and other surface mount components (TTL, CMOS)
  • Large stock of components; switches, servo motors; speakers; DC motors; connectors; LEDs; resistors; capacitors; diodes
  • Large stock of solid, stranded, and multiconductor wire
  • Various cables of all kinds
  • Two desktop machines (one with speakers) with Arduino IDE and Arduino UNOs for testing purposes
  • OtherMill ( for CNC circuit making
  • Laser printer and flatbed scanner
  • Wall projector for classes
  • Wednesday night Circuit Hacking Night

If you want to donate things to E&R, check out [1].


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