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Electronics and Robotics
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Solder stations and work benches

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesBasic_electronics_safety_rules
Managed ByAndrew Anselmo, Michael Beach
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
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Resources Available

  • Eight soldering stations (donated by ThermalTronics)
  • Two autonomous Pololu Zumo Robots (donated by Ed Rubesch and the IDE Center of Thailand)
  • Various DVM's, power supplies, and signal generators
  • Several oscilloscopes
  • Various hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, and tools for working on electronic equipment)
  • Bench mounted circular magnifier with light
  • Bench mounted stereo microscope for surface mount work
  • Bench mounted stereo microscope with camera
  • Small lab oven
  • Large stock of 5V and other surface mount components (TTL, CMOS)
  • Large stock of components; switches, servo motors; speakers; DC motors; connectors; LEDs; resistors; capacitors; diodes
  • Large stock of solid, stranded, and multiconductor wire
  • Various cables of all kinds
  • Three desktop machines with audiovisual capability, with Arduino IDE and Arduino UNOs for testing purposes (Windows and Ubuntu)
  • Raspberry Pi station (monitor, cable, mouse, keyboard, power supply)
  • OtherMill ( for CNC circuit making
  • Laser printer and flatbed scanner
  • Wall projector for classes
  • Wednesday night Circuit Hacking Night

If you want to donate things to E&R, check out [1].

Electronics Shop Safety

See basic shop rules and basic E&R rules.

General Rules

  • Classroom and Asylum events take precedence over projects.
  • Do not leave projects unlabeled - unlabeled things will be put in the Drift Bin.
  • One table to a person when working on a project - don't spread out unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not remove parts drawers; only take what you need.
  • Clean up after yourself; put tools back in their correct places.
  • Do not remove multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc. without permission from shop leads.

Shop Layout

This is the general shop layout:


There are ten workbenches.

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