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|caption        = Hot Craft Studio
|caption        = Hot Craft Studio
|manager        = [[User:Cleverwerx | Karen Christians, Cleverwerx]](Jewelry) and [[User:Soroka | Mike Soroka]] (Glass)
|manager        = [[User:Cleverwerx | Karen Christians, Cleverwerx]](Jewelry) and [[User:Soroka | Mike Soroka]] (Glass)
|flag            = Shop_Colors_-_Hot_Crafts.png
|interest_groups =  
|interest_groups =  

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Active Craft Areas
Hot Craft Studio

Hot Craft Studio

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesMissing
Managed By Karen Christians, Cleverwerx(Jewelry) and Mike Soroka (Glass)
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

If you were looking for metalworking outside of the realm of jewelry, see machine shop.

What is the Hot Craft Area?

This category includes pages that talk about lampworking and jewelry whether or not metalsmithing is involved.

The Hot Craft Studio is a fully functional studio for lampworking (also called torchworking or hot glass working) and jewelry/metalsmithing. There are tools and equipment specific for each discipline allowing members to work independently from others using the area. Weekly classes, weekend workshops and private instruction are available.

The term "Lampworking" is a type of glasswork where a torch (historically, a lamp) is primarily used to melt the glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements.

The term “metalsmithing” refers to fabricating small metal objects using jewelry fabrication skills and tools and is combined with the term "jewelry" in these pages.

The hot glass working area and metalsmithing/jewelry, share a space, so be sure to check the class schedule for glass work and class schedule for jewelry to ensure the area is available for use.

As with all our shops, treat tools and equipment carefully and put them back, clean, where you found them so they will be there next time!

For more information about the specific tools available in the Hot Craft Studio, please see the relevant discipline link below.

Specific Discipline Information


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