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|manager        = [[User:Soroka | Mike Soroka]]
|manager        = [[User:Soroka | Mike Soroka]]
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|interest_groups =  
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Active Craft Areas
Hot Glass
Glasswork and beads

Area, with vent

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesMissing
Managed By Mike Soroka
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

The Hot Glass area shares space with the Jewelry Area, so be sure to check the class schedule for both jewelry and glass classes to ensure the area is available for use.


  • Programmable annealing oven
  • Bobcat fuel/oxygen lampworking torches
  • Large heat-resistant work area with exhaust hood
  • Didymium glasses
  • Marvering pads and paddles
  • Tweezers, pliers and other manipulation tools



Many classes are offered in Lampworking. Current offerings can be found here.

This category currently contains no pages or media.

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