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|image          = Hot_glass_area_showing_vent.jpg
|image          = Hot_glass_area_showing_vent.jpg
|caption        = Jewelry Area
|caption        = Jewelry Area
|manager        =  
|manager        = [[User:Cleverwerx | Karen Christians, Cleverwerx]]
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|interest_groups =  

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Active Craft Areas

Jewelry Area

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesMissing
Managed By Karen Christians, Cleverwerx
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

This category includes pages that talk about jewelry, whether or not metalsmithing is involved.

The metalsmithing and jewelry area is shared with the hot glass working area, so be sure to check the class schedule for both jewelry and glass classes to ensure the area is available for use.

(If you're interested in metals outside of the realm of jewelry, that's commonly called metalworking, and we have lots of equipment for that too!)


  • Buffing station with hooded exhaust (tapered mandrels, provide your own buffs/compounds)
  • 6" bench shear for non-ferrous metals includes round-stock shearing hole
  • 4" flat rolling mill
  • 2 Acetylene/air torches (Smith brand with #0 and #1 tips)
  • Pumice pans and fire brick for soldering/annealing
  • Jeweler's saw frames
  • Bench pins w/ anvil surfaces
  • Pliers and cutters
  • Small general purpose vise
  • Large heat-resistant work area with exhaust hood

Not provided:

  • All consumables except acetylene (bring your own solder, flux, metals, etc)
  • Buffs and compounds
  • Saw blades

Karen Christians, Cleverwerx in space #63 stocks some consumables for sale.



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