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Machine Shop

Machine Shop Area

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Shop Introduction

Shop Rules & Orientation

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Reserve Tools

Use the reservation system [help] Reserving the machine tools you need helps everyone know when machines are available, and how much they get used. For help, see Making Reservations.

Broken Tools

Tag it out (with description of problem) & email maintenance@ If you broke it consider helping fix it.

Tool Testing

Tool testing is free for everyone and required before you may use the machine tools in the shop. You should have had previous training and experience using the equipment, or take a class. Our objective is to ensure that you know how to use the machine tool competently while ensuring the safety of you, other users, and the Asylum's equipment. It may be necessary to schedule more than one session for multiple tools.

Testing is available for the following: Manual Lathes (Rubric), Manual Mills (Rubric). Tests on CNC machies are scheduled through your instructor.

Tool Test Sign Up:

  • Check you have signed the latest user agreement by logging in here. If you haven't taken a class or logged in since June 2018, we've moved to a new system and you'll need to click Access My Account and search for your account. If you don't have an account, create one.
  • Please sign up at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Sign up here: Tool Testing

Book during office hours, or email testers to schedule a different time. Check the tool species pages listed below to find the testing rubrics for each respective type of tool.

Our Tools

These are the types of major machine tools we have in the machine shop:

Major Machine Tools

We also have many hand, measuring and fixturing tools. Some cutting tools are available, but they are of varying quality and you should generally plan on bringing your own cutting tools like end mills, drills, and lathe tools.


We have many CNC tools, both in the Machine Shop, and elsewhere at the Asylum.

Other metalworking tools

Most other metal cutting, grinding, and forming tools are in the Welding shop.

Heat treating

Two small ovens are available in the Metal Casting Shop for heat treating. You must pass the tool testing in that shop to use them.

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