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This section describes general proceedures and equipment members use in and around the Artisan's Asylum. Specifically how to operate the circuit breaker panels and light switches.


Powering Up and Powering Down

Information on how to turn on the lights and more.

  • Main Circuit Breaker Panel

This panel is where one turns on the power for the main building of the Artisan's Asylum. As one enters the building, it is on the right mounted on the wall. Look for the box labled "Asylum Power". File:MainCircuitBreakerPanel.JPG

The panel consists of two long columns of breakers. To turn a breaker on, you push it toward the center of the box.

Power for the Main Building

  • Use the main circuit breaker panel.
  • When turning on the power for the entire main building, push all the swiches in the right column towords the center.
  • When turning off the power for the entire main building, some care is required. In the photo of the panel there are two breakers indicated with red arrows. Do not adjust those switches. They are labeled "Bathrooms" and "Spare". You will turn off all the switches in the left hand column exccept the one indicated in the photo. The switch in the right hand column should be left turned on, meaning it will be positioned toward the center of the box.

Operation of the Janitor's Closet

This switch is located on your left as you enter the dark environs of this tiny room.

Powering up Building 13 and Building 8

As you enter Building 8 the power switch is on your left. As you enter Building 13 the light switch is on your right on the wall you just passed through.

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