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(Yamato dcz-521-d1 Industrial Serger)
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=Yamato dcz-521-d1 Industrial Serger=
=Yamato dcz-521-d1 Industrial Serger=
aka "Iron Maiden
Parts List:
Parts List:

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Nov 2019

  • We have two domestic sergers (Brother 1034d & White SpeedyLock 1600) and an industrial serger ready to use.
  • Training is offered by class, and possibly private lessons (in the works).
  • We're still editing wiki pages, more on the way.

Yamato dcz-521-d1 Industrial Serger

aka "Iron Maiden

Parts List:

Video Tutorial for Threading:

“””December 2019””” One of the tension springs leading to the needle seems wonky, so currently setup to not use that one and overlock with 3 threads only, single needle.

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