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  • Minds Eye Yarns is on White St Cambridge.
  • Iron Horse Yarns in Natick at the train station has both a great selection of yarns that many other places don't carry, but also the owner's yarns from her farm (likewise called Iron Horse).


  • A P Glass Block, 119 Britton Ave, Stoughton, MA, 800/424-2555 (seems to be run out of someone's house; they have unusual sizes of glass bricks in stock and no minimum order---you don't have to order a whole case at once)

Interesting random materials

  • Boston Children's Museum Recycle Shop has bins of scrap materials, enormous rolls of various paper and sometimes fabric, and lots of random interestingness. You can buy by the small or large bag.


  • Action Bearing Bearing store in Allston that is possibly cheaper than McMaster.


Heat-resistant stuff, for stone oven, potter's kiln or blacksmith's forge.


Wire & Rigging Cables

  • Philip A Rand Co 139 California St, Newton, MA 02458 – Good source for steel wire for sculptural and other applications. Small place, they will let you in back to "feel" the wire.
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