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The Artisan's Asylum is primarily a member run organization. With limited staff, Artisan's Asylum needs all members to contribute in some way to make this place more awesome! Here are some of the many ways you can contribute to this organization as a member or volunteer:


Share your skills

Support the infrastructure

Maintain the Wiki

We look forward to your contributions! If you would like to add to or edit this wiki, please:

Welcome each other

  • Join the welcome-brigade to help design programs and materials to welcome and onboard new members
    • email subscribe-welcome-brigade@.
  • Become a buddy and connect 1x1 with new members looking for help getting involved and connected
    • email subscribe-buddies@

Tell people about us

  • Tell a friend! Word of mouth is one of the #1 ways people find out about us!
  • Get social. Tweet about us, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to tag posts of your work on social media with #MadeAtArtisans
  • Give a tour. Want to help out by showing the public, students and potential members what we do? Consider giving a tour!
  • Write a review on Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, or Yelp.
  • Join the Events Committee - email subscribe-events-com@ meeting quarterly to organize and coordinate events.
  • Add our announcement emails to your inbox and add our contacts to your address books when you receive emails from us.

15 Minute tasks

Just have 15 minutes today? Here are a few great ideas to help out:

Occasional Volunteer Calls & Events

  • Subscribe to volunteers@ mailing list to find out about additional ad hoc volunteer projects (about 1-2 emails per month). Send a blank email to to subscribe to the list.
  • Check the Volunteer Calendar for upcoming Volunteer events. Occasionally there are volunteer nights as well as shop and task specific work-days posted there or on shop specific mailing lists.

Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to Artisan's Asylum; check out our website for more details on giving things other than your time.

Volunteer Recognition

  • Witnessing some stealth awesome, someone sweeping, cleaning up, going above and beyond? Capture it and send to!
  • Every first Wednesday of the month volunteers meet up at Aeronaut starting at 6PM. See the front desk for details.

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