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|rules = [[Basic welding safety rules]]
|rules = [[Basic welding safety rules]]
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Active Craft Areas

Welding table

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop RulesBasic welding safety rules
Managed By
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

Our Welding Craft Area is equipped with both MIG and TIG welders, and we offer additional classes in sculptural metalworking.

See the classes page on our main site for class listings.

If you're looking for what kinds of welders we have, start with one of these:

Also, look farther down this page for a listing of individual welders available.

For a table comparing our informal terminology with that used formally in the industry, see this chart and explanation.

Hazards and Safety

Be aware that arc flash, flying sparks and debris may happen at any time in the welding area.

Safety glasses, long pants, gloves, and closed toed shoes are required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You may also be interested in providing your own welding gloves.

Safety-wise, make sure your gloves (and, for that matter, all your skin and clothing) remain dry. This is a much bigger factor than glove leather thickness in mitigating electrical shock hazard. (Also, shock hazard is less of a concern with MIG than with TIG or stick.)

Shop Safety and Etiquette

Basic welding safety rules

Disposing and Recycling Materials

We have a scrap bin.

Good Manners

  • Sweep up
  • Clear any trip hazards
  • Leave the most open floor space possible
  • Don't leave your projects unattended. Unattended metal will go in the scrap bin.


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