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The Artisan's Asylum Shop Leads maintain this page with lists of the supplies and tools that keep the shops running, and some that would make the shops just a little better. They follow this Shop Lead Donation Page Guide to do so.


Electronics and Robotics

  • Stranded wire, 24 AWG, red and black especially
  • Solder for circuit boards
  • Breadboards
  • Arduinos, Raspberry Pis
  • Multimeters
  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • Storage cabinets for small parts
  • Solder fans (smoke absorbers)
  • Storage bins (shoebox type, Sterlite preferrerd)
  • LEGO bits

For people who want to donate parts or equipment, they should first take a picture of what they have, and give a short write up of the parts. We are not an E-waste handling facility!

What isn't needed:

  • old PCs (if it has a parallel port, or can't run Windows 7, it probably is too old)
  • old stereos
  • old stereo speakers
  • CRT monitors; Best Buy can take them for free, if you want to get rid of them

Wood Shop

Metal Shop

Digital Fabrication

SD Cards


Multipurpose Room 1 (MPR1)

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