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|tool_title        = Epilog Helix
|tool_title        = Epilog Helix
|tool_subtitle      = Laser Engraver/Cutter
|tool_subtitle      = Laser Engraver/Cutter

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Epilog Helix 50 laser with 24x18 workspace.


Because the wiki often has trouble dealing with long pages with lots of large tables, please consult the separate Materials Cutting Chart (alternative and perhaps better tools for cutting a given material) and Asylasaur_Material_List (materials that laser-cut/etch well or poorly, plus suggested settings) before undertaking a project in a new material.


A list of the powers and speeds associated with the Epilog Helix's various printer settings is available here. File:Epilog helix settings.pdf

Operation Checklist

☐ Turn on Ventilation, Cooling and Air assist systems
☐ Power on laser
☐ Log in to Laser PC as cutter
☐ Open Inkscape
☐ Load image to cut
☐ Confirm document is in Portrait orientation (alter height as needed)
☐ Hit Print, Choose appropriate material
☐ Load material in Laser
☐ Press X/Y Off button and Go button
☐ Move gantry to desired origin and press Set Home button
☐ Press Reset button to confirm home
☐ Press Go button to begin job
☐ Put on safety goggles as appropriate
☐ Watch for fire, errors, headcrash
☐ Note cut time
☐ Allow ventilation (at least 3min for plastics)
☐ Remove work
☐ Power off machine
☐ Power down support systems


Asylasaur training is covered in the Asylum Laser Cutter Training class. Class attendance is required to offset the machine lease and testing expenses as well as ensuring everyone has been informed of all safety policies and the expectation that they contribute to the group knowledge base.


Use of the Epilog Helix should be scheduled via the Asylum reservation system [help].



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