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You're a returning instructor at Artisan's Asylum, and you want to post a new class, or a new session of an old class, in Eventbrite? Here's how!


Before You Begin

  1. Confirm dates, times, and any price changes with Molly BEFORE creating your new class posting, to make sure you don't have to redo your work because of scheduling conflicts.
  2. DO NOT CREATE NEW EVENTS FROM SCRATCH. Always COPY an existing event (see directions below). There are lots of little settings you don't want to have to/won't be able to redo every time.
  3. If you still don't have access to Eventbrite and you want to use it, send an email request to teach@artisansasylum.com.

Finding your events

  1. Navigate to www.eventbrite.com
  2. In the top righthand corner, click on Log In (see image 1)
  3. Enter the email address through which you received the Eventbrite Invitation, and the password you set. (image 2)
  4. Your name should appear in the top right-hand corner where Log In previously was (image 3). Hover over it, and select My Events (second on the drop down list). You should see your Live Events listed, with tabs available that you can click on to view Drafts, Completed, and Cancelled events. (image 4 needs updating)
  5. If you don't see the event you're looking for, you can search for the event name or scroll down and click View All to view events that may be hiding below the fold (image 5 needs updating) and use CTRL-F(pc) or Command-F(mac) to search for words in the name of the class you're looking for. (image 6 needs updating)

Reposting An Existing Class, New Dates

  1. Select Event to Copy: Find the most recent version of your event in either the Live Events or Completed tabs (see above). Click on the event name. That will bring you to its Management/Event Dashboard page.
  2. Copy Event: The large black navigation bar gives you options to Edit, Design, and Manage the page. Below the black bar, on the right hand side, you should have options to do some or all of the following: Unpublish, Copy, Cancel, or Delete. If the event has tickets sold, only Copy will appear. (image 7) Click on Copy to copy this event and all its settings.
  3. New Event Name: You'll be directed to a Copy this event page. (image 8) Edit the New Event Name: If simply reposing the same class, delete 'Copy of' and change the month. If posting a new class, write new class name here. Click the Copy Event button.
  4. Event Details: You'll be directed to the Edit Event draft page. (image 9). If you're not just reposting the old event but rather drafting a new event, you can change all the descriptive information and photos in the large text box below. More details on that coming soon.
  5. Change Dates: The dates listed will be for the old event, or will be randomly generated by EB. You'll need to change that date in 3 places.
    1. Date change 1: Start Date and end Date. (image 10). Type in the correct start date and end date (or select from calendar that pops up when you click in each field). Start time is the start time for the first session, end time is end time for the last session.
    2. Date change 2: List of Sessions. Scroll down and through the Event description. You can easily edit any part of this, but if reposting a repeating event, you only need to edit the Event Time section near the end. (image 11) Make sure to update the date, and if necessary the day of the week and/or time for *each* session.
    3. Date change 3: Tickets. Scroll down to the Tickets section. (image 12). Note that you can change the number and price of tickets easily here. Keep in mind that the Total Capacity should match the Quantity available (unless you have a complex multiple-ticket event). If you're simply reposting an existing event, however, you can go ahead and click on the gear (circled twice in image 12) to see the drop down ticket options (image 13). You can check or change the Ticket description here, but the only thing you must make sure to do is change the Ticket sales end date (circled in image 13). Choose how long before your class start time you want ticket sales to end -- keep in mind how long you need to get materials, but also the fact that we get lots of sign-ups at the last minute.
  6. Category: Keep scrolling down the page until you reach the bottom. You'll need to make sure you have an appropriate Event Type, Event Topic, and Subtopic to save the event. All classes are type Class, Training, or Workshop, and the majority are either topic Hobbies & Special Interest, subtopic DIY, topic Performing & Visual Arts subtopic Craft, or topic Science & Technology subtopic Robotics, High Tech, or Other. Feel free to browse the options if you want to find something most appropriate.
  7. Save as Draft: No other changes are necessary. Click Save. DO NOT publish event. (image 14) Publishing events yourself leads to the possibility that they not get listed or promoted on our website and emails etc., and/or that your event be double-booked with another.
  8. Preview: Once you've saved the event, it should cycle back up to the top of the Edit page. (image 15). Note that the new date and time should appear under the title. Press the Preview button to see a preview of how the event will look when it's published (image 16). Check that all the relevant details are correct, and that the spacing in the event description down below isn't all wonky.
  9. Making Additional Changes: The event will appear on my list of Draft events (image 17 needs updating). You can reach it on your Drafts list as well, which you can navigate to by placing your cursor on your name in the right hand corner of the screen (check image 3 for location), selecting My Events from the drop-down menu, and then clicking on the Drafts tab. Once I've published the event, it will appear on your Live Events list. You can return to the page to make additional changes by clicking on the event in your list and selecting Edit in the black menu bar.
  10. When it's ready to publish: Email molly and she will review, publish, and add to the Calendar and Website.

Emailing your students

  1. Downloading a class list
    1. Navigate to the "Manage" page of the appropriate event.
    2. On the lefthand menu, scroll down to the ANALYZE section and select Event Reports
    3. You can change what information gets shown under Configure Columns > Show Columns
    4. You can download a spreadsheet with the information by clicking under Export: Excel or CSV.
    5. Then just select the column of email addresses, copy, and paste into the To: line of your mail client.
  2. Send an email through Eventbrite
    1. Navigate to the "Manage" page of the appropriate event.
    2. On the lefthand menu, scroll down to the COMMUNICATE section and select Emails to Attendees
    3. Click "Create New Attendee Email"
    4. You can edit who the email is coming from, the reply-to email address, the subject line, and the message.
    5. You can either send the email immediately or schedule it to be sent out on a particular date.

Unfortunately, Attendee Emails created in one event do not copy over when the event is copied

Contacting the Waiting List

  1. In the lefthand Menu, find Order Options --> Manage Waitlist and click on Manage Waitlist, or click on the Waitlist number that appears at the bottom of the page by the Sales by Ticket Type section. {need image}
  2. Select all people on the waitlist by clicking the box up top {need image}
  3. Click Export to File
  4. Copy all the email addresses and add as BCCs to email
  5. Copy teachREteachMOartisansasylum.comVEME@artisansasylum.com
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