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=General Questions=
=General Questions=
===Can I host an event at Artisan's Asylum?===
===Can I host an event at Artisan's Asylum?===
A: If you are a member, it is easy to host an event for other members any time in the space! See [Guidelines for Hosting/Proposing an Even]t for more information.
A: If you are a member, it is easy to host an event for other members any time in the space! See [[http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/index.php/Guidelines_for_Hosting/Proposing_an_Event| Guidelines for Hosting/Proposing an Event]] for more information.
===Is there a map of the Asylum?===
===Is there a map of the Asylum?===

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This FAQ is directed towards existing new & existing members, day pass users, Corporate Associates and space renters.

  • If you have questions about visiting, tours, events, and general information about our programs, want to start a makerspace or are looking for someone to make something for you, please see the FAQs on our website.
  • If you are attending classes for the first time, we also have put together a few tips for you here.



  • Non-Medical EMERGENCIES: Contact Staff at 617-284-6878 x 9

Facility Access & Managing your account

Front Desk Check-in

How do I check-in at the Front Desk?

  • Monthly Members: Monthly Unlimited, N&W, Daytime, Weekend Warrior and Institutional (Legacy) members must badge in at the front desk every time they enter the building.
  • Corporate Associates: Tell the front desk you are here to use a corporate associates pass and let them know what corporate account you have access with. Tell the front desk volunteer what corporate account you have access with, sign-in, fill out a red name badge and put it on an easily visible spot.
  • Daypass users: Tell the front desk you are here to use a day pass so we can check one off. Check-in using your badge, fill out a red name badge and put it on an easily visible spot.
  • Guests: Contact the member you are visiting to have them greet you at the front desk if you haven't already. While you wait you can sign-in with the front desk, fill out and put on a blue name tag, members must greet you at the front desk for you to be allowed into our facility.
  • Visitors: Joining us for a tour or an event? Please arrive 5 minutes prior to tour time to check-in with a front desk volunteer.


How do I become a member?

See https://artisansasylum.com/membership/

I signed up for membership! What can I use on my first day?

On day one of membership, you've joined a community of artisans, makers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, learners and explorers. Membership grants admission to events like social nights, Artisan's Asylum's Speaker Series, product and technique demos, field trips and design challenges. You'll also be invited to join variety of internal discussion and resource lists, and gain access to perks and discounts for various products and services. You also have immediate access to our multipurpose rooms, computers, social area and coworking spaces. Use of other tools and equipment requires testing before independent use as a member. See this page on the website for more detailed information: https://artisansasylum.com/tool-testing/

I'm trying to get trained and/or tested so I can start using tools as a member. How do I do that?

A: Detailed information on testing policy and procedure is included here: https://artisansasylum.com/tool-testing/

I haven't been tested yet on the tools, so I think I should get a refund on my membership

A: We do not offer refunds for membership due to delays in testing. You do not have to be a member to pursue this required training and/or testing, so please plan ahead. It can take several weeks or more for you to be fully trained and tested on all the equipment you wish to use. Many new members join the community to meet people, attend events, and learn from other members. Despite not having access to specific tools you are hoping to use, you have access to a number of resources on your first day.

I have used X tool before, am I exempt from training or testing?

A: Even with prior experience some of our tools still require training and all of our shops require testing.

No really, I have used X tool before for like 20 years, I have to be exempt from training.

A: Even with prior experience some of our tools still require training and all of our shops require testing.

I need to be trained and/or tested immediately - HELP!?

A: We probably cannot accommodate your request to be trained or tested outside of our regular schedule, but, we recommend emailing have-it-made@artisansasylum.com, our paid job request list, to see if someone is willing to take on your project on short notice.

How do I get my ID card?

Stop by the Front Desk during staffed hours: https://artisansasylum.com/hours-and-tours/

My card doesn’t work at the Front Door - help!

A: There are a few ways to troubleshoot card access:

  • Try waving your card a couple times, turning it to different angles, flipping it over, taking it out of your wallet, etc.
  • If it is cold, there can be a longer delay between the card swipe and the door mechanism releasing.
  • Have you paid your monthly membership? Your card access may be disabled if you have not paid on time.
  • If you continued to have problems, stop by during staffed hours.

How do I change my membership?

A: If you would like to submit a membership change, log-into your account, and select the Change Membership tab. Fill out the Change Membership form accordingly. Requests made via email, phone, in person at the Front Desk or hand-written requests to are not valid. Please note that downgrades to membership access become effective at the start of the next billing cycle and upgrades become effective immediately. Please see a desk volunteer during staffed hours, or allow for at least 24 hours for us to update your card access.

I have an institutional or corporate code, but can't enter it into the change membership form - help!

A: Email member-services@ with your corporate code to update your existing account details.

How do I cancel my membership?

A: Request cancellation by:

  • Log into your account
  • Under the Members tab, go to the "change membership" page
  • Select "cancel my membership" in the form and submit it

30 days notice is required to terminate memberships and/or space licenses per our Membership Agreement. Requests made via email, phone, in person at the Front Desk or hand-written requests to change your membership are invalid. All membership purchases are final. Refunds are not offered for non-use or partial usage of services.

Can I suspend my membership or put it on hold for just a couple of months?

A: We don't have an "on hold" type of membership, so simply cancel your membership (remember we need 30 days notice!) and when you are ready to return, log-in, submit the "Change my membership" form with the new membership you would like and follow the instructions from there regarding making payments and getting your card set-up again, and you are good to go!

I just want one month of membership. How do I do that?

You can have just one month of membership as long as you follow the proper cancellation procedure and submit your cancellation notice using the "cancel my membership" form 30 days before the date you wish to end your membership.

Account Management

I forgot my password - help!

A: If you know your username, go to the log-in page and follow the prompts to reset your password.

How do I change my password?


  • Log-in, go to the Wordpress menu in the top right corner and select "Edit My Profile"

Edit My Profile menu

  • Scroll to the bottom, select generate new PW and save your profile. This is the only way to generate a new PW.

Generate New and Save

I don't know my username - help!

A: If you do not know your username, stop by the Front Desk or front-desk@artisansasylum.com to retrieve it.

I changed my address or contact information

A: If you move, change your address, email or phone number, simply submit the "My Profile" page with your changes. Please note that you will need to separately update your mailing list preferences as that does not happen automatically.


How do I pay for my membership?

A. There are a couple ways to pay for membership.

My Invoices

1. Log-in to your account here: https://www.artisansasylum.com/login.

  • Note that Safari users have issues viewing the Members tab

2. Select the My Invoices tab*

My Invoice Tab

3. You will see a list of your invoices, displayed as such:

My Invoices Display

4. If you are paying by credit card, select the pay now button, which should bring you here. Fill in your information and submit payment. Please leave checks with the front desk during staffed hours or in the mailbox:

My Invoices Display

Email member-services@ with any questions about payments.

Make Payments

If you have any issues with the My Invoices page, please feel free to submit one time or set up recurring payments on the Make Payment page.

Check Payments

Members can make payments for memberships with checks. Please drop off your check at the front desk during staffed hours or leave in the mailbox outside the front door.

Can you just charge my card every month?

A: Yes! We have recurring payments for membership, rentals and donations. This can be set up here: https://artisansasylum.com/recurring-payments/ Please note that submitting the form will capture the first charge.

Why did I get an invoice for membership?

A: All monthly memberships are recurring by default. In order to stop being billed for membership, you must cancel. Refunds will not be given for membership “not used” or already paid for.

Why is my invoice not marked paid?

A: Recurring payments can take up to a week to reflect on your account. Payment status on the My Invoices page may take 2-5 minutes to be marked paid.

How do I dispute a charge?

A: Email member-services@artisansasylum.com with your dispute details. Disputes must be filed within 60 days of the error. Please do not submit a dispute via Stripe or PayPal-- we are charged $15 even if we resolve the dispute in your favor.

How do I pay for usage?

A: When logged-in to the member portal, head to the Report Usage page and fill in the form accordingly. Please note that there is no option for us to invoice you, and payments for usage are due immediately.

Day passes

How do I use a day pass?

A: To use a day pass, check-in at the Front Desk during staffed hours, sign-in on the clipboard, fill out and put on a red name tag.

Do day passes expire?

A: Day pass packs expire 90 days after the purchase date.

  • Legacy day passes purchased before July 1 2015 do not expire.

Are day passes transferable?

A: Day pass packs are not transferrable.

  • Legacy day passes purchased before July 1 2015 are transferrable

How do I purchase more day passes?

A: To purchase more day passes, log-in to your account on our website and head to the "Day passes" page. If you are paying by check, day passes will not be available until the check has processed. Please submit all check payments to the Front Desk.

How do I cancel a day pass purchase?

A: All day pass purchases are final.

Corporate Associates

For administrators

Where can I find my Corporate Associates Program code?

A: This code will be emailed to you at the start of your contract.

How can I change our program code?

Email member-services@artisansasylum.com to change your code or with any questions.

For users

How do I register for access?

A: Your Corporate Associates administrator will provide you with code to use during initial registration.

How do I use a facility pass?

A: At the start of each day you wish to use a facility pass, check-in at the Front Desk during staffed hours, sign-in on the clipboard, fill out and put on a red name tag. You do not need to check out at the end of the day.

When do I have access to Artisan's Asylum?

A: Corporate Associates users have access to Artisan's during staffed hours which are listed here: http://artisansasylum.com/hours-and-tours/

Institutional Memberships (Legacy)

How do I add members to my institution?

A: Institutional Membership ‘owners’ will be given a code to share with their Institutional Members to use during registration.

How do I remove members from my institution?

A: The member who is the ‘owner’ of the institution should email member-services@ with the names of people to remove from their institution.


Can my non-member friends, family, children or co-workers come visit me?

A: Yes they can visit you. Guests are visitors of members. Only monthly members are allowed to have guests. You'll need to greet them at the front desk when they arrive. Guests sign-in on the clipboard and get a blue name badge.

  • Guests cannot independently re-enter the space after checking in so if they leave for lunch or coffee without you and come back, you'll need to meet them at the front desk again.
  • If the guest cannot get in touch with the member, you can offer to contact them. Do not give out personal contact information.
  • Guests are not allowed in shared areas and are not able to use Artisan’s Asylum equipment per our Policies and Procedures. Guests may not accompany you while you are working in any of our shops. *Guests are allowed in the social area and kitchenette space in MPR1. You are responsible for their actions as the host member.

My guest isn’t a member. Can they just watch me work in the shop? Can they help me on a project?

A: Guests are not allowed in shop areas. Your guest can only enter our shop areas if they are taking a class or purchase a monthly membership a monthly membership and are certified on the tools they need to use.

Space Rentals

For an overview of expectations and rules for space renters, see Rental Space Rules

How do I get space at Artisan's?

A: There are two space rental options here at the Asylum: active storage for projects and materials and dedicated workspace.

  • For workspace, first step is to add yourself to the waiting list. When spaces become available, we contact the waitlist and fill spaces as soon as possible. On average members are on the list for between two - six months depending on their space needs and schedule.
  • For storage space, fill out the request form and we will be in touch when space becomes available. Many of our storage options are readily available, while some may have a 1-2 month wait.

Link to waitlists

Can I share my space with someone?

A: Members are free to share their space as long as the person with whom they are sharing is also a member. Artisan's staff cannot offer support in finding a person to share with; members are responsible for finding their own space-sharers. Additionally, the rent must be paid in full by one person. We cannot charge each person half of the rent. There is no additional fee to either party for sharing space. Email space@artisansasylum.com with any questions.

Can I build a structure in my space?

See Construction Requirements for Freestanding Structures

I am already renting a studio space, but I'd like to move into a larger/smaller/different space - do I have to get on the waiting list?

A: Existing renters wishing to move studios for whatever reason should email space@artisansasylum.com with your request, limitations and timeline if any. Member Services maintains an internal request list for existing renters.

=== Someone else has done the thing I want to do that violates one of the Rental Space Rules, can I do it anyway? No, some structures are grandfathered in, and others have special exemption.

I left a thing in a shop two weeks ago and it is now missing, where is it?

It has probably been discarded. If you need to leave a project, please make arrangements for flex space by emailing space@artisansasylum.com

I want to build a loft, can I build one like X?

No, after each structure is created, the door is closed behind them. Come up with something new and different with your own personal style. Structures ruin sight lines, reduce socialization and make the space darker and smaller. Before you build, think to yourself, “Do I need all of this stuff?”

I have a project that I just glued together that needs to dry overnight. Can I just leave it here?

No. You either need to have rented space ahead of time, or have consulted with the shop lead you're working with to arrange for a Parking Pass tag to attach to your project that says it's ok for your project to be there overnight.

Shops and Equipment

Do I have to bring my own safety gear to work in the shops?

A: We have a small supply of eye & ear protection for student use along with welding helmets, welding gloves and cotton shirts. It is recommended if you are regularly using the shop areas and require this basic safety gear to bring your own. For detailed information see Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Where is the nearest fire exit / fire extinguisher / first aid kit / eye wash station?

A: At all times while in our facility, be aware of the location of the nearest fire exit and safety equipment. These can be found on the floor plan posted throughout the building. This is also covered in our New Member Orientation. Register to attend the next New Member Orientation.

What tools are working in X shop?

A: Go to the public wiki (http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/) , search for "operational" and/or check the recent messages on the relevant shop mailing list (listed here Mailing Lists: Which List For What

This tool is broken! The toilet needs to be fixed!

A: Email maintenance@artisansasylum.com and use a red maintenance tag available in the social area or at the front desk.

How do I reserve a tool?

A: See this page in the community wiki for more details: http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/index.php/Making_Reservations

Where can I find more 3D Printer filament?

A: 3D Printer filament is stored in the facilities storage room. Contact uprint-operators@artisansasylum.com with further questions.

Can I bring in my own tools to work in the shops?

A: Training and testing requirements still apply in all shop areas even if you are bringing in your own equipment. All shop users must be aware of all safety, etiquette, maintenance and cleaning procedures of the shops they are working in even you bring in your own tools. Any tools that require power, ventilation, space, storage, or any other accommodation must be approved by the shop lead and Facilities Manager. Email facilities@ with your request.

Mailing Lists

How do I subscribe to a mailing list?

A: To subscribe to any Artisan's mailing list (except announce and member-announce), email listname-subscribe@artisansasylum.com. Replace listname with the desired mailing list.

How do I unsubscribe from a mailing list?

A: To unsubscribe from any Artisan's mailing list (except announce and member-announce), email listname-subscribe@artisansasylum.com. Replace listname with the desired mailing list.

General Questions

Can I host an event at Artisan's Asylum?

A: If you are a member, it is easy to host an event for other members any time in the space! See [Guidelines for Hosting/Proposing an Event] for more information.

Is there a map of the Asylum?

A: The most up to date floor plan can be found here on the wiki.

How do I get mail here?

A: Only active monthly members are eligible to receive mail at Artisan's Asylum. For more information see here - http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/index.php/Mail_and_Deliveries

Where is the trash and recycling?

A: See this page on the community wiki: http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/index.php/Waste_disposal

Can I bring my pet?

A: No animals are allowed into the space with the exception of service animals.

Where is the lost and found?

A: There is a Lost & Found shelf along the wall with shelf storage in between the wood and metal shops. For reasonably large stuff that people can't find, email facilities@artisansasylum.com

Where is member X?

A: To protect our members' privacy and security, the Front Desk staff and management are not able to disclose the location or presence of any member.

Where is staff person X?

A: Because the staff often are required to attend events, meetings, train volunteers and other obligations on a variable schedule (some nights and weekends), staff schedules may not always be consistent. The best way to reach the staff is to make an appointment during their office hours or email them directly and set up a time to meet. You can find email and contact info on this page: Management

Where can I print something?

A: We have printers available for member use which can be found when on our network. For more information see 2D Printing And Scanning

Do you have a phone charger I can borrow?

A: There is an iPhone 4 and later (5, 6) charger and a micro USB charger for most Android phones in the social area, courtesy of the AV Library. Feel free to charge whatever, it works great.

What is the wifi password?

A: Password is on little slips of paper available at the front desk.

Wifi is slow / isn't working / I'm having a problem

A: Direct any Wifi issues via email to it@artisansasylum.com. Network is Artisan's Asylum or Artisan's Asylum 5ghz.

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