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Current financial statements and the below list of documents can be found here

Follow the link above to find:

  • Reimbursement forms - So you can get paid back.
  • Mass ST-2 form - Exemption from sales tax you can give to vendors for items bought for the Asylum
  • Mass AG Certificate of Solicitation - Letter from the Attorney General saying we are a charity in good standing to take donations
  • IRS 501(c)3 certification - Letter from the IRS denoting our status
  • Audited financial reports
  • 990s
  • W-9 Form
  • I-9 Form

Budgets still not finalized for 2017:

Past Year Financial Statements


Treasurer Reports

Member Services Reports

Financial Policies

For Reference

For more information about our Board of Directors, who hold financial responsibility for the Asylum, check out this page.

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