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Who We Are

  • Our front desk is run by a corps of members. Front Desk Volunteers (Deskies) are the Asylum’s front line greeters, our first impression for visitors and the curious, potential donors, the press, new students, and prospective members, and the first resource for existing members looking for help. They help find information or solutions for members and orienting new members, as well as handling sales and door access and helping with paperwork.
  • We abide by the Front Desk Volunteer Agreement

What We Do

  • Deskies are primarily concerned with security. During staffed hours, they are responsible for regulating access to the space. If anyone walks past the Front Desk without badging in or signing in as a visitor, the deskie on duty will stop them to make sure they are in the right place.
  • We welcome new members and set them up with card access. We also manage card access for existing members.
  • We check in students and direct them to their classes.
  • We answer 300+ phone calls, emails and walk-in questions each month. You can reach the front desk via email at
  • We send members package notifications when mail is received. We've sent over 16,000 package notifications
  • Greet visitors and give over 1,000 tours every year

So you wanna be a deskie?


Front Desk Volunteers traditionally have handled ballot management at the front desk while on shift. Much of the work done at the Asylum is done by volunteers, and this includes the front desk staff. We have reiterated to the front desk volunteers that members who are working in a volunteer capacity should strive to be as neutral as possible with regard to issues and candidates while on duty, since they are integral to the voting process. This would include refraining from internal political discussions and recommendations for candidates. The front desk should remain as neutral as practically possible regarding voting.

If you experience or witness a true conflict of interest while a volunteer is performing their front desk duties, please contact the Election Commissioner (election-commissioner [at], and we will discuss this further with that particular volunteer. If the behavior remains after our discussion, the volunteer will have to recuse themselves from front desk duties until after the election.

The elections and the issues that Artisan's will be voting upon can bring up some strong emotions; it is a sign that people are passionate about what goes on here, and what we do as a community. It is part of what drives us to do the amazing things that we do. It is sometimes difficult, but let us all remember that gentle persuasion, respectful discourse, and a calm demeanor can be potent ways to express one's opinions.

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