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This table maps tool certification names, as originally defined in member_app, to current tool species names, as defined in this wiki. The intent is to allow us to figure out, given some old piece of paper or old data in member_app, which current tool species was intended by a particular certification signoff from before we used a consistent set of tool species names.

If a category is marked "Obsolete", this means that any testing that has already taken place in that category is moot and will be replaced by an entirely different set of training. This mostly describes old E&R certs.

This page is now frozen. The member_app remapping took place after the desk closed on 9/1/2013. If un-entered certs are found (such as on old paperwork), they should be entered using the new names. [The lasercutter is a special case; for the moment, it's being treated in member_app as "obsolete"; if and when we get a new one, anyone who was previously trained on it will be retrained for free on the new one, and we'll make some appropriate (and probably more-specific) tool species for that training.]

Note: To sort by column in the table below, click on one of the arrows in the header.

Old name Tool species
3D Printer Category:uPrint 3D Printers
Abrasive Cutoff Saw (Chop Saw) Category:Abrasive Cut-Off Saws
Belt Sander Category:Disc and Belt Sanders
Bench Grinder Category:Bench Grinders
Benchtop Power Supplies Obsolete
Bike shop Category:Bike Shop
Blackfoot CNC Router Category:CNC Gantry Routers -- Blackfoot
Circular Saw Category:Circular Saws
CNC Aluminum Router Category:CNC Gantry Routers -- MultiCam
Compound Sliding Miter Saw Category:Miter Saws
Drill Press Category:Drill Presses
E&R Bandsaw Category:Vertical_Band_Saws_--_Metal_Cutting
Finger Brake Category:Metal Brakes
Foot Shear Category:Metal Shears
Glass Shop Obsolete
Hand Grinder Category:Angle Grinders
Horizontal Bandsaw Category:Horizontal Band Saws
Industrial Sewing Machine Obsolete
Jewelry Soldering Obsolete
Jigsaw Category:Jig Saws
Jointer Category:Jointers
Laser Cutter
Leather Hand Stitcher Obsolete
Makerbot Obsolete
Metal Grinders Category:Angle Grinders,
Category:Bench Grinders
Metalworking Lathe Category:Lathes -- Metal
Metalworking Vertical Bandsaw Category:Vertical_Band_Saws_--_Metal_Cutting
MIG Welder Category:MIG Welders
Milling Machine Category:Milling Machines
Milling Machine (CNC) Category:CNC Milling Machines -- Sharp LMV
Multimeters Obsolete
Oscilloscope Obsolete
Oxy-Acetylene Rig Category:Oxy-Acetylene Torches
Panel Saw Category:Panel Saws
Pipe Bender Category:Hydraulic_Pipe_Benders
Planer Category:Planers
Plasma Cutter Category:Plasma Cutters
Power Drill Category:Power drills
Reciprocating Saw Category:Reciprocating Saws
Regular Soldering Stations Obsolete
Router (Handheld) Category:Hand Routers
Router Table Category:Router Tables
Saw Stop Category:Table Saws
Scroll Saw Category:Scroll Saws
Serger Category:Sergers
Sewing Machine Category:Sewing Machines
SMT Soldering Obsolete
Spot Welder Category:Spot Welders
Tablesaw Category:Table Saws
Throatless Shear Category:Metal Shears
TIG Welder Category:TIG Welders
Woodworking Lathe Category:Lathes -- Wood
Woodworking Vertical Band Saw Category:Vertical_Band_Saws_--_Wood_Cutting
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