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Getting Started

See our website for information about first steps

Shop Safety & Etiquette

See Shop Safety and Etiquette

Instructors: Contract & Employment Enrollment Information

We pay some of our instructors as W-2 Employees, and others as Independent Contractors.

Things to consider when deciding whether you should be submitting Employee or Independent Contractor Paperwork

  • Massachusetts Gov't Employment Guidelines defining the difference between the two
  • Insurance
    • Employees of Artisan's Asylum are covered by our General Liability insurance.
    • Independent Contractors are expected to provide their own insurance, and name Artisan's Asylum as an additionally insured.
  • LLC or Individual?
    • If you'd like to receive payment for your teaching as part of your business entity, we would pay you as an independent contractor.

Paperwork Required for Employee Instructors

(blank copies are available outside the back office door)

Paperwork Required For Independent Contractor Instructors

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