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The President is elected by the Voting Members of Artisan's Asylum and represents the espirit de corps of the membership. The President has the following direct responsibilities:

  1. Promote the values and purpose of the organization.
  2. Regularly listen to members and communicate member issues to the Executive Director & Board.
  3. Call and preside over Membership Meetings.
  4. Contribute to the Executive Director’s staff agenda and participate in staff meetings.
  5. Contribute to the Board’s agenda and participate in Board Meetings.
  6. Sign a yearly budget proposal with the Executive Director; this budget should include a sum set-aside for member projects to be managed by the President.
  7. Actively work with membership to generate proposals that inspire the community.
  8. Negotiate with the Executive Director for operational resources required to execute projects that do not fit into the President’s budget or require resources that are under the Executive Director’s management.

Resolved by the Board on 22 July 2015.

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