Jump Shear -- JET FS-1652H

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JET Foot Shear

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Tool SpeciesMetal Shears
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   Style (Type)	Foot
   Mild Steel Capacity (Gauge)	16
   Shearing Length Capacity (In.)	52
   Back Gauge Capacity (In.)	30
   Front Gauge Capacity (In.)	28

JET Foot Shears with high quality, hardened and tempered stainless steel blades are ideal for precision shearing of mild steel up to 16 gauge. An adjustable hold down clamp keeps materials secure during operation to prevent errors, and compound leverage allows the user to perform work within the machine's rated capacity with ease.

FOOT SHEARS Ideal for precision shearing of mild steel up to 16 gauge Two-way blade configuration provides twice the cutting life Upper blade is two-way; bottom blade is one-way 2° angle cutting edge; 1° face relief

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