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⌊ Student Name
⌊ Instructor Name
Pass ☐
Fail ☐
⌊ Date of Laser Cutters test  (m / d / y)
⌊ Instructor Signature

This document is an internal Artisan's Asylum training document and is provided "as is", to be used as a reference only. Use of this document for any purposes other than as reference material (i.e., for the purposes of training and testing users on tools or equipment by other commercial entities or individuals) is not advised. In no event shall the authors of this material, or Artisan's Asylum, Inc., be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability whether in action or contract, arising from, out of, or in connection with the use of the information in this document for training, testing, or on-going safe use of fabrication equipment. Please consult your own lawyers and subject matter experts if you are looking to develop your own safety curriculum for fabrication equipment operation. Tool operators are responsible for their own safety, including reading and understanding the owners manual for this equipment and all of the warnings it contains.

Training Completion

☐ Has completed training class
☐ Reserved machine for testing

Safety Checkout

☐ Can specify risk areas for laser cutters
☐ Can locate safety devices in shop
☐ Can demonstrate emergency intervention on all laser cutters
☐ Does not wish to damage lens or melt eyeballs

Materials Checkout

☐ Can specify unsafe materials
☐ Can describe how to determine safe materials
☐ Can describe how to approve new materials

Operational Checkout

☐ Can power on and verify operation of cooling, ventilation and air assist systems on all laser cutters
☐ Can describe appearance of laser when operating correctly
☐ Successfully and safely run a job
☐ Can describe cleaning procedures
☐ Can remove and replace cut bed

Style Checkout

☐ Can make high pitched "pew pew" sound with gun fingers [Optional]

Test Passed

☐ Email front desk if the test was passed


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