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This is an attempt to organize information about tool repairs and enhancements in the machine shop. It is an alternative to the fixit system which is generally inaccessible to the community of enthusiastic machine shop users.

Tool Title Type Status machine-shop-monitors thread Notes
Lathe -- Colchester 2500 stuck gear shaft repair Danaan working on it
  • currently the lathe has no power feed, but otherwise works.
Milling Machine -- Bridgeport J-Head (Blue) make a motor locknut handle improvement not started
Milling Machine -- Bridgeport J-Head (Blue) x-axis power feed repair  ???
Milling Machine -- Bridgeport J-Head (Blue) back gear grinding repair not started
  • During head disassembly, take this opportunity to also replace/shim the brake shoe (contact Troy for details).
Milling Machine -- Bridgeport J-Head (White) something wrong with head tilt worm gear repair  ???
  • The head is not trammable because of this
  • apparently a replacement part was ordered by Ben in Jan 2017. Where/what is it?
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