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We have several mailing lists to facilitate communications between the general public, our members, knowledgeable people at the Asylum, and staff. Some lists are restricted to members or staff only and require moderator approval.

Mailing List Subscription

To subscribe to a mailing list other than announcements, discuss, or have-it-made:

Send a blank email to (Your Desired Mailing List)

You should receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription.

For instructions on how to unsubscribe to a mailing list, change your mailing list password, or manage your account see Mailing Lists Account Management

Public Mailing Lists

  • Have it Made Requests for requests for custom paid design and fabrication work to be done by Asylum members. Goes to a distribution list of interested professionals.
    • have-it-made

Contacts and Mailing lists for Members

General Member Lists

  • Discuss for technical inquiries and questions such as "Can you help me or teach me?" or "What do you folks think of this?"
  • Have it Made Requests to receive have-it-made requests and offer your craftsmanship.
  • inmates for general intra-asylum discussions, questions, and announcements.

Mailing Lists for Specific Craft Areas

For member and nonmember discussion, questions, and announcements regarding our various craft areas. Not intended for inquiries regarding tool testing/training.

Tool Specific Lists

For discussion, announcements, and information for members trained on some of our more specialized equipment and tools. Not intended for inquiries regarding tool testing/training.


  • general-info for general information about our available programs, services, and events.
  • donate for inquiries about donations and sponsorships.
  • press for press inquiries and journalists.
  • outreach for PR and advertising for nonmembers and sponsors.
  • facilities for tool and equipment donations and tool related inquiries.

Contacts for Students

  • cancellations to cancel a class reservation.
  • trainers for ad-hoc testing and training, and discussion between trainers.

Staff and Volunteer Contacts

  • member-services questions about billing and changes to existing member accounts.
  • teach for inquiries from students and instructors
  • outreach for requests for special off-hours or large-group tours
  • events for inquiries regarding hosting or collaborating on events
  • press for questions from media outlets or requests for interviews
  • maintenance for concerns regarding shop maintenance and repair.
  • facilities to contact staff regarding tools, equipment, and issues related to the building.
  • trainers to contact tool trainers and testers for tool testing issues and appointments.
  • front-desk for most general inquiries and issues related to the front desk.
  • it for anything to do with computers.

Contacts for Instructors

  • teach for inquiries about teaching classes.
  • instructor-announce main instructor auto-subscribe list.
  • instructor-discuss for discussing how to teach classes and resources available to instructors.

Other Contacts

  • accounting for questions regarding financial disclosures, 1099/w-9 questions, and other accounting specific inquiries.
  • space for inquiries about studio and storage space rental.
  • po where to send purchase orders you need approved.
  • cancellations for cancellations and refunds of class tickets, memberships, and rental spaces.

Community Volunteer Project Committees

A set of working group/committee mailing lists for volunteers are listed here

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