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====For Instructors====
====For Instructors====
* See [ our website for class proposal forms, intructor agreement, tax and payroll forms]
* [[For Returning Instructors: Eventbrite Posting Instructions | For Returning Instructors: Eventbrite Posting Instructions]]
* [[For Returning Instructors: Eventbrite Posting Instructions | For Returning Instructors: Eventbrite Posting Instructions]]

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Welcome! This is the public wiki for Artisan's Asylum — a community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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Artisan’s Asylum, Inc. is a non-profit community craft studio located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practicing of a wide variety of crafts.

To support that mission we offer the following:

  • A professionally maintained manufacturing facility that includes the tools and machines for precision metal machining, electrical fabrication, welding, woodworking, sewing & fiber arts, robotics, bicycle building and repair, lampworking, jewelry making, computer-aided design, and screenprinting
  • A large range of affordable, publicly-accessible classes offered by local artisans, focusing on either creating a final product the student can take home after the class or general training for specific tools
  • Affordable monthly and daily membership plans that include access to our facility on weekends and after typical working hours
  • Space and equipment rentals to individuals and companies interested in having access to industrial-grade manufacturing equipment without having to invest in capital equipment and long-term space leases
  • On-site material and project storage allowing community members to create and store projects without the hassle of handling material and storage logistics
  • Host and promotion of local craft-related events with the goal to help encourage DIY culture and community craftsmanship

Our History

Craft Areas

Our Community Workshops

Tools - Available to Members

Infrastructure - Holding it all Together

Information for New & Prospective Members


Studio Space and Storage

Tool Testing

Classes - Information for Students and Instructors

For Full list of currently offered classes, class calendar, and FAQs for students and instructors, visit our Website.

For Students

For Instructors

Community - Members, Volunteers, and Hosted Groups/Organizations

Policies - Our Rules and Guidelines

Organizational Governance - Bylaws, Board of Directors, Financials, Community Updates


Past, present, and future Projects

Using This Wiki

We look forward to your contributions! If you would like to add to or edit this wiki, please

  1. Get yourself an account
  2. Familiarize yourself with wiki use.

Other Helpful Stuff


Information on how to obtain and work with various materials

Related organizations in the area

Resources for Kids

Classes and programs in and near Somerville for people under 18.


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