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Meeting Room
Meeting Room

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This is the meeting room. It is located in Building 8. It must be reserved for use. The rate is $10/hour.

It has the following elements:

  • A conference table
  • Room for 8 people at the table
  • A large flat panel display
  • Two whiteboards
  • A small simple copier for making one off copies without a scanner
  • Some basic office supplies (staples/stapler, hole puncher, tape, paper clips)
  • A generic laptop (running Ubuntu 14.04) for displaying slideshows/videos, with speakers and a webcam for conferencing
  • A small desk area with keyboard/mouse/external monitor
  • A large external flatscreen monitor

At the current time (May 2016), there is no roof on the room, but we are planning for a fire-code compliant one to be installed. The room can ameliorate some noise from outside, but conversations inside can be heard outside of the room.

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