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What is Member Announce?

Member Announce is a listserv for legal notices for current members including announcements of business meetings and facility closures.

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe?

Members are automatically subscribed to this list, but if for some reason you need to be subscribed, here is a link to the form. Member-Announce Subsribe. Note there is a separate sign-up form required for this listserv since it is managed by the staff.

Since this list is used sparingly only for legal announcements and business meeting notifications, we ask that you do not unsubscribe.

Recent Member Announce Messages

Member Announce List Management

As of September 2015, Member Announce moved to MailChimp to allow for better open rate tracking and automated updates of the list. Prior to then, Member Announce was managed as a listserv in Mailman. Archives of older Member Announce messages are still available.

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