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Investment Casting

Instructor Karen Burke pouring metal

General Info
Shop Colors
Shop Rules* NO CASTING ALONE! You must have a buddy for casting, and that buddy must be signed off for flask handling.
  • You may not use any shop tools if you have not been tested on them.
  • Always wear appropriate protective gear- dust masks for investment, safety glasses (tinted if working with torch), aprons, closed-toe shoes. Run vent hoods.
  • Only approved materials in flasks; wax and PLA are approved- absolutely no ABS or other toxic substances. If you aren't sure, ask the shop lead!
  • Only approved metals for melt/cast: aluminum, brass, bronze, silver, gold are all fine. Ask shop lead about anything else.
  • Sign in when you use the shop, and use the online scheduler for the kiln.
  • Clean up after yourself and shut down the torch properly- leave the shop nicer than you found it!
Managed ByJess Scott, Karen Burke, Mark Brownawell, Ben Macalister
HoursSame as membership hours
Operational Status of Tools
Tool Maintenence Tickets

Welcome to the page of the metal casting shop! (Currently under construction: 3/23/19)

We have a vacuum casting setup with a kiln, vent hood for investment mixing, and an oxy-propane torch and Electro-melt for metal melting. To use any of these tools, you must be signed off by the shop lead or a tool tester. Currently, we are asking new users to take a class to learn proper operation of the tools- if you are already an expert, you can email the shop lead directly for tool testing during office hours.

As of March 2019, we're requiring re-certification on the tools due to there being no list of signed-off individuals. This will take the form of doing one cycle of both investing and casting with the shop lead present to ensure proper safety procedures and tool usage. We want to make this as easy as possible (and free) for people who already know how to use the shop- just email Jess to set up a time and get signed off.


Kiln Reservations

You can sign up for using the kiln here: Online Scheduling Service

Mailing List Info

Casting Mailing List

Office Hours

The shop lead will be holding office hours- times currently TBD but they will start in April 2019. In the meantime, email for info.


[ Investment Casting ClassesOn

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