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⌊ Student Name
⌊ Instructor Name
Pass ☐
Fail ☐
⌊ Date of Lathes -- Metal test  (m / d / y)
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This document is an internal Artisan's Asylum training document and is provided "as is", to be used as a reference only. Use of this document for any purposes other than as reference material (i.e., for the purposes of training and testing users on tools or equipment by other commercial entities or individuals) is not advised. In no event shall the authors of this material, or Artisan's Asylum, Inc., be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability whether in action or contract, arising from, out of, or in connection with the use of the information in this document for training, testing, or on-going safe use of fabrication equipment. Please consult your own lawyers and subject matter experts if you are looking to develop your own safety curriculum for fabrication equipment operation. Tool operators are responsible for their own safety, including reading and understanding the owners manual for this equipment and all of the warnings it contains.

  • People who have taken the metal lathe tool training class should be able to complete the test without assistance.
  • People with experience on other lathes but unfamiliar with ours should explain what they want to do and why, and the tester will explain how to do that on our machine.
  • Know the limits of your knowledge, it's better to ask than be wrong.

Point out the following tool features

☐ Emergency stop
☐ Spindle on/off, foot brake (if applicable)
☐ Spindle direction control
☐ Spindle speed controls
☐ Headstock, spindle
☐ Chuck, chuck jaws, chuck key
☐ Collets & draw tube
☐ Bed and ways
☐ Saddle/carriage
☐ Carriage hand wheel
☐ Crossfeed/cross slide handle
☐ Compound handle & angle adjustment
☐ Toolpost lock & rotation handles/nuts
☐ Travel locks and limits
☐ Tailstock handle, locks
☐ Turning, facing, and boring tools

Machine Safety : Identify and mitigate common hazards

☐ Heavy things - chucks & workpieces
☐ Sharp things - cutting tools, chips, burrs on work piece
☐ Spinning things - chuck jaws, work piece, lead screw
☐ Hot things - chips, work piece, tools

Personal Protective Equipment

☐ Knows whether work gloves or rings can be worn while using the lathe
☐ Knows whether loose clothing & hair may be worn while using the lathe
☐ Knows whether safety glasses are required while using the lathe

Safe Operation

☐ Demonstrates proper removal and mounting of chuck (cleans nose, correct force)
☐ Demonstrates proper work-holding in 3 jaw chuck
☐ Demonstrates proper feed and speed selection
☐ Demonstrates proper cutting tool selection
☐ Demonstrates proper mounting of cutting tool in toolpost
☐ Demonstrates turning and facing
☐ Demonstrates center drilling with tailstock
☐ Demonstrates cleaning the lathe

Knowledge and Technique

☐ Knows how and when to support stock with long stick-out
☐ Knows use of turning, facing, and boring tools, correct orientation & stick-out

Allowable Materials

☐ Can name three materials allowed on the lathe
☐ Can name materials that are not allowed on the lathe

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