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|manual            =  
|manual            =  
|location          = Machine Shop
|location          = Machine Shop
|reservations = {{Asylum Tool Reservation}}
|owner              = the Asylum (via W&B)
|owner              = the Asylum (via W&B)
|species = Milling Machines
|species = Milling Machines

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Tools at the Asylum
Blue Bridgeport J Head Knee Mill

Bridgeport Mill

General Info
Mfr. Specs
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesMilling Machines
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
LocationMachine Shop
Ownerthe Asylum (via W&B)
Operational Status
Latest Status
QR Code



All collets are in a rack next to the white bridgeport.

Special Notes

  • Back gear does not work, the machine has a minimum speed of 660 rpm.
  • Spindle brake is shot, use the back gear selector "B" to lock the spindle, but take care not to leave it there.
  • Table ways have significant play because the x-axis gib is worn.
  • The ways in general have significant wear.
  • The power feed on the x-axis is in an unknown state.


way oil and spindle oil are different!
Lubrication Schedule
part type frequency notes
Spindle Spindle oil (see #Consumables section) Weekly Fill cups to overflowing:

Ways Way oil (see #Consumables section) Weekly Don't forget underneath:

Transmission Transmission oil (see #Consumables section) Weekly
Motor Grease Yearly


  • Initial lubrication performed. Vandykee 12:37, 6 January 2011 (EST)
  • Back gears repaired by Dennis. Vandykee 11:35, 27 February 2011 (EST)
  • MACHINE PAINTED BLUE (was grey) and overhauled. Some time in November 2015.


Staple Consumable: Spindle Oil
SpecificationsPart Number(s)Product Link(s)

Cost: $23.87 / gal (with asylum discount)

Mobil Velocite #10 Spindle Oil

  • Prefer velocite #10 over #6, since #10 is more viscous and supposedly better for spindles slower than 6k rpm.
  • Do not pay attention to the really old manuals which recommend Mobil Vactra Heavy-Medium oil.
  • Mfr Part #: 101230
  • MSC Part #: 60002136

Staple Consumable: Transmission Oil
SpecificationsPart Number(s)Product Link(s)

Cost: N/A

Mobil Vactra Medium Oil



Staple Consumable: Way Oil
SpecificationsPart Number(s)Product Link(s)

Cost: $21.99 / gal (with asylum discount)

Mobil Vactra #2 Way Oil

  • Mfr Part #: 100772
  • MSC Part #: 60002151
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