Multicam CNC Router Rubric

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⌊ Instructor Name
Pass ☐
Fail ☐
⌊ Date of CNC Gantry Routers -- MultiCam test  (m / d / y)
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This document is an internal Artisan's Asylum training document and is provided "as is", to be used as a reference only. Use of this document for any purposes other than as reference material (i.e., for the purposes of training and testing users on tools or equipment by other commercial entities or individuals) is not advised. In no event shall the authors of this material, or Artisan's Asylum, Inc., be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability whether in action or contract, arising from, out of, or in connection with the use of the information in this document for training, testing, or on-going safe use of fabrication equipment. Please consult your own lawyers and subject matter experts if you are looking to develop your own safety curriculum for fabrication equipment operation. Tool operators are responsible for their own safety, including reading and understanding the owners manual for this equipment and all of the warnings it contains.


☐ Has completed training course -or-
☐ Equivalent supervisory, teaching or extensive user experience, as determined by MultiCAM shop monitor or facilities manager.


☐ Has the machine been reserved for this test?
☐ How can you determine if a material is appropriate to cut? [check the wiki / ask MultiCAM shop monitor or trainer]
☐ What personal protective equipment is required? [safety glasses and hearing protection]
☐ What should you do if something goes wrong during a cut? [hit yellow triangle (preferred) or E-stop]
☐ What should you do if something breaks? [submit ticket or e-mail maintenance, and tag out machine]
☐ What should you do if something doesn't seem quite right? [submit ticket or e-mail maintenance, tag out machine if safety issue]

====Test Coupon==== (Same as ShopBot, or equivalent user file as approved by shop monitor or facilities manager)

Test part with pocket, interior and exterior profile, and bit change

Operator Performance Required for Certification

☐ Follow operation checklist
☐ Warm up spindle
☐ Install tool

  • Correct insertion depth
  • Correct torque

☐ Set and record home position
☐ Touch off Z tool depth
☐ Touch off Z material depth, top of material or table surface
☐ Correctly prep part for vacuum table (taping, check vacuum level)
☐ Identify parts that cannot be cut with vacuum table (small, too many holes)
☐ Discuss hold-down for parts that vacuum table will not work with
☐ Correctly install dust collector (wood, plastic) or remove it (aluminum)
☐ Download file to machine
☐ Record spindle time correctly
☐ Observe cut safely

  • Keep pendant in hand or nearby
  • Without entering machine space

☐ Clean up completely

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