Robot Sensor Platform Meeting Notes 2012 09 30

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Meeting Notes

To do/done today:

  • Solder wires to headers, so we can swap out an Arduino quickly; whiteout on connectors/Arduino (outside) for polarity sanity
  • twist current cables to prevent tangling
  • grommet for E-stop/reset box
  • place components on new board
  • test system, to make sure we transferred things OK

(All done - note there was a glitch where the green reset button gets connected from the terminal strip to the perfboard - cold solder joint on the board. PC on corner of electronics bench now has Arduino 1.0.1 and direct motor control software installed)

To do:

  • build a better mount for the Arduino Mega; someone can 3D print it

  • Identify exactly what those Sparkfun boards are; level interfacing boards?
  • Power "on" light needed to show when battery connected
  • Second level board height
  • Battery mounting system; slide from side?
  • Target date for moving to Gui's office remotely - end of October?
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