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Discussion and info about all things related to the system controller and control loops

  • Tentatively assuming using the mbed as the primary system controller

*A more powerful option (suggested by asylum resident Drew) is the TS-7500

    • runs debian, lots of UARTS and IO
    • anything that runs on linux can run on this (webcams, other USB devices etc)
    • There does't seem to be many examples or good documentation. We would probably have to harass drew a lot to get started.
  • Another cheap but high power linux controller would be the BeagleBoard
    • can run Linux w/ "laptop" like performance
    • big community user base, good documentation
  • Aidan's embedded linux developing co-worker sings high praises of the i.mx53 Quick Start Board from Freescale.
    • Same price point as BeagleBoard, $150
    • 1 ghz arm processor, better graphics, more ram, more UARTS
    • comes with Ubuntu pre-loaded AND configured.
    • Comes with a VMware image of ubuntu configured to develop for the board. IE load it on a mac/PC and you are ready to go.
    • excellent support from freescale and user community
    • The only downside is the expansion connector is a Samtec board-to-board w/ fine pitch surface mount leads.
      • To get access to the GPIO and extra's we'd need to solder wires to the leads of the mating connector (It can be done, Aidan's company uses the same connectors in their designs and have hand soldered individual wires to them on quite a few occasions)
      • We could also buy or etch our own breakout board
    • Resources


Control Routines





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