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Artisan's Asylum Services Addendum

All memberships and any other use of the facilities at Artisan’s Asylum are subject to the Artisan’s Asylum Membership Agreement, the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference, and a copy of which is available on the Artisan’s Asylum website at

Memberships at Artisan’s Asylum grant access to our facilities (shared and exclusive) at different posted times of the day and days of the week. Exclusive space licenses reserve studio or storage spaces within our facilities for individuals or groups.

Payment Terms, Cancellations and Refunds

  • Payment for membership and space are due monthly on or before your billing date.
  • Incoming payments may be applied to the oldest outstanding invoice if there is an outstanding balance on your account.
  • Late fees, in the amount of 5% of the monthly fees due, may be charged 5 days after the billing date and monthly thereafter until the outstanding balance is paid in full.
  • All monthly membership are recurring by default.
  • 30 days notice is required to terminate memberships and/or space licenses. Cancellations must be submitted via the “Change my membership” form on the website. Verbal or handwritten cancellations are not accepted.
  • All membership purchases are final. Refunds are not offered for non or partial usage of services.
  • Day pass packages expire 90 days after the purchase date and are non-transferable.
  • If a membership billing error has occurred, please notify Member Services within 60 days of the said error by emailing Artisan’s Asylum will not refund membership billing errors older than 60 days.

Membership Type: Membership types, access and rates are posted here:

Individual Space Types: Individual Space types, sizes, and rates are posted here:

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