Sewing Machine -- White SpeedyLock Serger

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Speedylock Serger

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Tool SpeciesSewing Machines
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
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Machine runs loud - apparently this is typical per user review online.

Manual and parts

  • Replacement bulb - CAUTION - various websites offer the wrong type of bulb socket. Manual p.17 says "ues [sic] 12 voltage [sic] 5 watt bulb." The machine had in it a screw-type 120V 15W bulb, probably E12. An online review mentions the bulb burns out frequently, possibly due to profound machine vibrations.

Wrong bulb type: File:Speedylock1600bulb-wrongsockettype.1.jpg


  • Dec 2019, put in replacement bulb "guaranteed" to work, which exploded on power.
  • Allen wrench for needle 1.5 mm
  • 2019 repair info & photos to fill in - Dan L. did a lot of work adapting a motor, and Mike B. in E&R helped with testing.
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