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(Current Shop Leads)
(Current Shop Leads)
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| CNC Alley
| CNC Alley
| John Houghton
| John Houghton
|''Josh Beckman (ShopBot)'', ''Juanma Alvarez(Plasma)'', ''Doug Ruuska(Multicam)''  
|''Josh Beckman (ShopBot)'', ''Ted Sirota (Plasma)'', ''Doug Ruuska(Multicam)''  
| [[:Category:Digital Fabrication/3D Printing|DigiFab]]
| [[:Category:Digital Fabrication/3D Printing|DigiFab]]
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| [[:Category:Multipurpose_Room|MPR1]]
| [[:Category:Multipurpose_Room|MPR1]]
| Christopher Templeman
| Christopher Templeman (in transition)

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Shop Leads oversee the Artisan's Asylum shops and shared areas.


General Shop Lead Responsibilities

Shop Leads are responsible for ensuring that the following take place, though they may rely on volunteers and instructors to do so. Through presence both in the shop and digitally in the community, leads will set the standard for shop behavior.


Create an environment in the shop that supports our membership agreement policies of individual safety, shared safely, and tolerance of feedback. Current shop safety policy:

Office Hours

Schedule a sufficient number of hours during which a designated person is available to answer questions and provide testing on machines. The person holding the hours should be in the shop and available during these times to work with drop-in needs.

Asset Management

Maintain an accurate list of the inventory of the shop including both machinery and consumables. The wiki should reflect the location, picture, serial number and other identifying information on major tools.

Testing and training

Provide up-to-date testing rubrics for all machines in the shop. Coordinate with the Education Manager to ensure that classes are provided to develop all needed skills. Work to train enough members as testers that new but experienced users can get up to speed.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Identify routine maintenance tasks for equipment and track when last performed. Document how maintenance should be performed. Monitor status of equipment and report any issues. Manage a schedule of cleaning tasks. Ensure appropriate cleaning tools and supplies are available to shop users and ‘should look like this’ documentation created.


Work with the community to describe a vision for the future of the shop as finance allows and equipment and facilities come available. May include coordination of purchasing for/with the Facilities Manager.


Work with the Education Manager to ensure there are classes to teach all the tools in the shop. Work with instructors to manage impact of classes on shop availability and to track what tools need to be available for classes.

General Awesomeness

Shop leads set an example by adhering to all shop policies, Artisan’s Asylum policies and helping others in the shop whenever possible. Rather than receiving special privilege or advantage leads aspire to be the super-maker version of themselves!

Current Shop Leads

Shop Leads Testers (Unscheduled)
A3V Dr. Claw
Bike Shop/SCUL H4ckw0r+h
CNC Alley John Houghton Josh Beckman (ShopBot), Ted Sirota (Plasma), Doug Ruuska(Multicam)
DigiFab Rebecca Knepple Rebecca Knepple
Lasercutting Bevan Weissman, Anthan Rajaratnam Miles Donovan, Anthan Rajaratnam,
E&R Andrew Anselmo, Michael Beach Michael Beach
Fiber Arts Collette Livingston Collette Livingston
Jewelry Ilana Krepchin Karen Burke
Machine Shop Danaan Metge Damian Ward, Danaan Metge
Metal Casting Karen Burke Karen Burke, Ben Macalister
MPR1 Christopher Templeman (in transition)
MPR2 Collette Livingston
Metal Shop Ethan Labowitz Skunk (TIG), Fred Manke
Print Shop Leah Pillsbury
Prop Shop Jacob LaRocca
Meeting Room Andrew Anselmo
Ventilated Room Ted Sirota
Woodworking Sal Mancini, Trevor O'Brien Michael Goulde, Sal Mancini, Jimmie Rodgers, John Houghton
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