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Very Local

  • Atlas Metals, Only one mile from our Tyler St location and open until noon on Saturdays. 475 Columbia Street, Somerville, MA 02143. (617) 666-8440. ‎


  • Admiral Metals (their outlet stores are called MetalSource) in Woburn is great. You can buy just about any metal except mild steel (aka "normal" steel; they do stainless though), of any type (tube, bar, sheet, plate etc...) and they do it all by weight. For example: 4"x4"x12" 1/8" wall aluminum tube... $7. A downside is that they keep banker's hours. [11 Forbes Rd, 781/932-0482]
  • For small tubing, Artist & Craftsman Supply (Cambridge, Central Square) and Tags (also Cambridge; Porter Square) are decent sources.
  • Cambridge Metals in allston. Primarily targetting roofing supplies, but they claim to have some other stuff as well. Their website may be weird, has info.
  • Kaufman in Norwood, so driveable to save shipping. Spot-checking materials like sheet & bar stock, they seem to be 1/2 to 2/3rds the price of MSC until you get into huge sizes (e.g,. 1.5"-diameter solid bars, etc), at which point they still seem at least somewhat cheaper than MSC. They claim to have a 1700-page paper catalog.
  • J. Freeman in Dorchester. Sheet aluminum and sheet plastic.
  • Mid City Steel For large section (you know, girders) they are a long haul, but they do have an online inventory, so you can check before you go.
  • MIT's central machine shop will sell stock to MIT affiliates for cash.
  • Pierce Aluminum for aluminum. May have better delivery rates / minimum.
  • in Connecticut. they do online and in person.
  • Sumo Steel in Medford has been known to sell steel & aluminum scrap and offcuts. This is an industrial steel fabrication shop nominally, but they have a bunch of stock and scrap that they sell for cash to make a couple bucks in this wintry economic clime. Call first.
  • Turner Steel Co. Inc. is in West Bridgewater, MA. $25 minimum, $150 minimum for delivery. 1-800-521-8881. Aluminum, brass, steel, threaded rod, drill rod, tubing, etc.

By Mail

  • Ebay has a surprisingly large selection of metal stock
  • MSC has a huge selection of everything (not just metals); normal UPS shipping is typically next-day from their nearby depot. Can be pricey, but they have lots of promotions. Good search engine; enormous cinderblock of a paper catalog ("The Big Book").
  • McMaster Carr Like MSC; somewhat different selection. Very nice search engine (but hard to get normal paper catalogs).
  • Wick's Aircraft 4130 steel tubing.
  • Online Metals Small quantity metal orders, lots of selection.
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