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(Paste-Ready Example)
(Paste-Ready Example)
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|tool_title        = Powetmatic PM1500
|species            = Drill Press
|tool_title        = Powermatic PM1500
|tool_subtitle      = Drill Press
|tool_subtitle      = Drill Press
|image              =  
|image              =  

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Tools at the Asylum

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General Info
Mfr. Specs
Training (experimental section)
Tool SpeciesMissing
(Includes rubric, training information, and testing information.)
Asylum Info
LocationSomewhere at 10 Tyler St
Ownerthe Asylum
Operational Status
Latest Status
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Tool Template

A template for a "major" publicly-available tool at the Asylum. In addition to vital statistics about the tool itself, this template is designed to providing the following meta-information:

  1. What tools are available at the Asylum
  2. How this tool fits into the Asylum's tool training system
  3. In what Craft Area this tool is located
  4. How to report problems or view reported problems concerning this tool

This is achieved through a MediaWiki-based system described in Help:Tools, Training, and Testing.


|tool_title         = Millers Falls HD1234
|tool_subtitle      = Hand drill
|image              = Pic_unrelated_zebra.jpg
|caption            = This is not a picture of the drill
|make               = Millers Falls
|model              = HD1234
|serial             = 48
|manufacturer_specs = [http://somewhere.com/product.html From Manufacturer]
|manual             = [http://somewhere.com/manual.htm |From Manufacturer]
|location           = Woodworking
|reservations       = N/A
|owner              = Dob Rarman, Zrew Dan Vandt, Roug Duuska, Clark Boultee, ???
|questions_problems = {{Nospam|dob|rarman.com}}
|tool_categories    = [[Category: Drills]]

Optionally, include the field "owner" if the Asylum is not the owner. Include "questions_problems" if someone other than maintenanceREmaintenanceMOartisansasylum.comVEME@artisansasylum.com should respond to questions or problems with this tool.

Paste-Ready Example

|species            = Drill Press 
|tool_title         = Powermatic PM1500
|tool_subtitle      = Drill Press
|image              = 
|caption            = 
|make               = Powermatic
|model              = PM1500
|serial             = N/A
|manufacturer_specs = 
|manual             = 
|tool_categories    = 

Special Fields

There are several fields that require special consideration in this template.


The species field refers to a wiki category (minus the Category: part of the identifier) for the correct tool species. This will indicate the Asylum training information for the tool. If you don't know the proper value for this field, don't even include the "species" line.

|species = Vertical Band Saws


The location field refers to a wiki category (minus the Category: part of the identifier) for the correct Craft Area. This will place a listing for the tool on that CraftArea category page. If you don't know the proper value for this field, don't even include the "location" line.

|location = Woodworking

Tool Categories

We have many tools, but not all of them are permanent. When tools become inactive, they are switched to the ToolBox-Gone Template. This is as simple as changing the name of the template.

It is desirable for tools that are no longer available to the Asylum to be removed from various category listings on the wiki. The template system is the easiest way to accomplish this. Rather than listing the categories at the bottom of the article, put the categories inside the template. Only the main ToolBox template will apply the categories, which means less editing to keep everything accurate.

|tool_categories = [[Category:SCUL-owned tools]] [[Category:Air Tools]]

In the above example, the tool would be placed into the SCUL-owned tools and Air Tools categories and removed from those categories when the template is switched from ToolBox to ToolBox-Gone.

Do not add the tool species nor the craftarea category names to the tool_categories field because it will cause inaccuracies in category listings.

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