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* [[Shop Safety and Etiquette]]
* [[Shop Safety and Etiquette]]
* [ Current Class Schedule]
* [ Current Class Schedule]
* [| Artisan's Asylum Eventbrite page]
=== Reserving Time on Tools ===
=== Reserving Time on Tools ===

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Tool Information

Tool Use Policies & Procedures

Tool Testing

Training Classes

Reserving Time on Tools

Reservations on certain tools are scheduled via the Asylum Tool Reservation System. Please see the instructions for using the reservation system, which include links for creating an account and for reserving time.

Reservations are required for:

Reference & Info

Hand Tools Standard Operating Procedure

think[box] out of Case Western Reserve University has put together this stellar Hand Tools Standard Operating Procedure. This is a great reference with a list of do's and don't's for most hand tools.

Maintaining Tools on the Wiki

Adding New Tools

To add a tool to the wiki, create a new page using Template:ToolBox. It will be automatically added to Category:Tools.

Removing Old Tools

To retire a tool, edit the page and change the ToolBox template to ToolBox-Gone. The tool page will automatically be moved to Category:Past Tools.

Cleanup Projects

These categories contain tools that lack various pieces of information:

See Also

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