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List of Equipment, along with model numbers and links to their manuals, in order of average material hardness. In general, we acquire tools faster than they get added to this web page, so go take a look if you want to know current status. Most tooling is at our Joy Street location, some items are transferred to Windsor Street as needed.

NOTE: See using tool categories for instructions on editing this page.

SEE ALSO: Spreadsheet of tools, showing levels and people willing/able to teach their use. List includes both tools we already have and tools we don't yet but want.



Tool Model and Notes Manual Parts
Bridgeport-style 2-axis CNC milling machine 9″x42″ Sharp LMV 2-axis CNC mill with Accu-Rite MILLPWR controller, 3-HP 5,000 rpm, 27″ X-travel, 12″ Y-travel, 5″ quill travel, 15″ Z-travel
Bridgeport mill (white) Former MIT. On extended loan from SCUL pilot SadieBlake.
Bridgeport mill (gray) Originally with W&B. Slated for conversion to CNC.
Full-size metal lathe Clausing Colchester brand, 13″ swing x 40″ between centers, gap bed lathe (with gap swing capacity of 19″), 3-HP motor capable of 2500 rpm, foot brake, Tool Room class variant.
Lathe Harrison Boxford VSL 500 ( (SHINY!!!)
from W&B. Needs work; odd spinning motor adjustment stud problem.
Tungsten Sander No model #, info: Delta S/N P8762
Abrasive Chopsaw Chicago Electric 91938
Abrasive Chopsaw Ryobi C356-III
Horizontal Bandsaw Jet HVBS613 NOTE: manual for current number (HVBC-56m), not our model.
Grinder Baldor 7307 vw_GrindBuff
Vertical Belt Sander No P/N – info: Delta Power Tool Division, Rockwell Mfg Co S/n 104-4119, 6”x48” belt
Bertha the Ginourmous Bandsaw DoALL model 2013-1
Niagara Jump Shear
metal ridge forming thing
  • Various hand tools
  • A cold-working plate suitable for soft metals mounted to a thick stump of wood
  • Wishlist includes a metal bending brake.
  • category list: Metal Working


Tool Model Manual Parts
TIG welder Miller Syncrowave 180 SD TIG welder with mobile runner package, capable of welding down to a minimum of .02″ steel and aluminum plate and up to a maximum of 1/4″ steel and aluminum plate.
TIG welder Miller XMT 300, Need Serial number for confirmation. (Leased from Skunk? Not AC, so no aluminum with this one).
MIG welder Hobart Handler 210
spot welder
  • We also have three welders awaiting possible repair, a selection of welding masks, and other related stuff.

Woodshop Tools

A brief summary; individual tool pages will eventually contain all of the below information plus other exciting information. Woodshop tool syllabi has safe operating instructions for most of our major tools.

Tool Model Manual Parts
Grizzly Table Saw G1023SLX - also in manual
Vertical Bandsaw BS14002
Grizzly Jointer G0490 - also in manual
Grizzly Planer G1021 - also in manual
Wood Lathe Grizzly G8691 3/4 HP
Bosch Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw 4410L
Rikon Floor Drill Press 34" reach, 1/3 HP radial arm drill press with extension, head tilting and table tilting capability 30-250 Note: manual and parts list for current model 30-251, not our model.
Delta ShopMaster 4" belt/6" disc benchtop sander SA446
Delta 12" Benchtop Drill Press 11-990 Instruction manual Parts
Harbor Freight 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw Central Machinery SKU 93012
Air Filtration AFS-1000B at end of manual
Dust collector: Jet Dirt Dog DC-1100RC
  • CNC router - capable of handling full 4′x8′ boards. Built at the Asylum, in final testing as of December 2010.
  • Numerous wood-working bench and hand tools, including
    • Dewalt cordless drills, reciprocating saws, and circular saws
    • scroll saw
    • router
    • handheld belt sander
  • category list: Woodworking


  • Five soldering stations, one equipped for surface mount work
  • Various DVM's
  • Several oscilloscopes
  • Various hand tools
  • bench mounted circular magnifier with light
  • bench mounted stereo microscope
  • Small lab oven
  • Large stock of 5v(?) surface mount components
  • Artaic-surplus CNC table

Fabric, Clothing and Textiles

  • A number of sewing machines, including
    • Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machine - on load from SCUL pilot Ripper
    • Brother XL-3500i sewing machine - 35 stitch functions, one-step button-hole function, free arm, 0-7mm stitch width, 0-5mm stitch length, free arm.
    • Singer 3962 sewing machine - Singer 3962, 60 stitch functions, quilting accessory pack, one-step button hole function, automatic tensioner, free arm.
  • Two sergers, including:
    • Serger - Brother 3034D overlock machine, 3 or 4 thread pattern, two needles, 2-4mm stitch length, free arm.
  • Four-color silkscreen press and screenmaking equipment, including an HP 9800 large format (to 13") printer.
  • Steam iron - Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Iron, 1700 watts, vertical steaming capability, precision tip, precision temperature control.
  • Male and female dress mannequins
  • Wishlist: CNC embroidery machine
  • category list: Fabric and Clothing


This stuff doesn't fit neatly into existing craft areas.

  • Makerbots. One member owns one, AA owns a 50% share of one (serial number 23) that's located at sprout, near Davis Square.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Easel
  • Dance-worthy sound system
  • Two photo tripods
  • Small guitar amp
  • Large PA speaker, reputedly Aerosmith surplus
  • Not built yet: Portable hardwood dance floor.
  • Wishlist: We want a laser cutter. Here's some Laser cutter research
  • Wishlist: overhead transparency projector, lightbox

Computers and IT resources


We don't actually have a cooking area. Joy St has a small frig, a small microwave oven, some dishware (mostly disposable), and two sinks, one of them in the bathroom. We'd love to have a real kitchen someday and teach cooking and baking classes.

  • Small refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Sodastream soda maker
  • Extremely sharp spoon
  • category list: Cooking
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