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We meet quarterly to discuss the status of various goings on at Artisan's Asylum. We start with a potluck, and end with a short meeting including updates, Q&A and time for new business.

Here on this page you'll find:

  • Quarterly Town Hall and Annual Meeting Notes & Supporting Materials
  • Special Meeting Notes & Supporting Materials

Note that the schedule and reminder for these business meetings are sent via Member Announce.


October 2017 Quarterly Town Hall

2017 Annual Meeting

April 2017 Quarterly Town Hall

February 2017 Quarterly Town Hall

2016 Annual Meeting

September 2016 Quarterly Town Hall

May 2016 Quarterly Town Hall

April 2016 Membership and pricing discussions

February 2016 Quarterly Town Hall

2015 Annual Meeting

Derek will be going through the slides for those that couldn't make it Wednesday Oct. 21 at noon in MPR1.

June 2015 Quarterly Town Hall

April 2015 Quarterly Town Hall

February 2015 Funding Meeting

Called by President and Executive Director Derek Seabury for members to vote on the funding of the ERP Project

January 2015 Quarterly Town Hall

2014 Annual Meeting

June 2014 Town Hall Meeting

April 2014 Town Hall Meeting

January 2014 Quarterly Town Hall

2013 Annual Meeting

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