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Hi, I'm Peter Olson, a member of the former Willoughby & Baltic maker space.

I've been programming computers of many types for years, beginning back in the days when the computer was in a special room you had to go to in order to program. These days, the computer is in your pocket. What is common though is that it is one of the finest instruments for expressing ideas and especially interactive ideas.

I also like to hack around with electronics. I got started way back because my Dad was a radio engineer and had lots of parts and tools in the basement. Well, guess what, I have lots of parts and tools in my basement :-) Fewer now, I have moved them to the Asylum.

At Artisan's Asylum, I am working on ideas for the greatest electronics experimenter's toolkit evah.

I worked five years for the Free Software Foundation as a senior systems administrator, but now I am a consultant.

Peter (peabo) Olson

Don't make Art, just make something!

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