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Welcome to Artisan's Asylum! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! Jess Muise 09:33, 30 June 2017 (EDT)



Tool Testing

Test sub-page for tool testing.

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Wiki Notes

Deal with single-instance tools (like each of the CNC mills) which all have their own individual training and testing, with a combined tool/species page.

Way to index/document non-capital tools and resources (i.e. small tools in the toolboxes, fixtures, etc. that don't need a full tool page, maybe make a small tool template??)

Setup shop landing page as non-category page

  • When you hit the category, link to main page like [1]
  • Make a template that transcludes sub-pages for each category, looks nice & easy to navigate
    • Sub-pages should NOINCLUDE sub-page category (i.e. rules,shop lead, testing, etc.) so it doesn't list that
    • Is there an easy way to create a template so that the data in it can be transcluded intelligently? i.e. craft area template "shop lead" can be transcluded as {{:Machine Shop/Shop Lead}} for example?
    • Arguably should just be done with templates instead of sub-pages??
  • easy for leads to maintain (i.e. an obvious place to see everything that's their responsibility, and see anything missing, follow pattern to create correctly)
    • make templates for sub-pages
  • Doesn't just dump unorganized list of everything in the category
  • Shop calendar
  • Shop knowledge & reference material (i.e. Category:CoolTools )
  • Make shop sidebar include tool list

Maybe make noindex a standard part of certain templates? Way to build special views/listings based on queries. i.e. list shop rules for all shops. Build pretty lists based on categories, i.e. list of free events using free events category (or template)

Make auto navigation footer for shop:

  • List of tools in shop
    • List of all tools in shop
    • List of tool species
    • List of tools by tool species
  • Quick links to rules, policies, mailing list, maintenance, shop lead, reservations, testing, etc.
  • Automatically shows on all pages in the shop

List all tools by shop. Even cooler: make an image grid for navigating to the articles.


Make all content clearly the responsibility of somebody, and that person should have an easy to use console to show them their pages. I.e. categorize all education material 'education' so ed director can see all their pages

  • That person should be watching all pages within that category

Shop_Leads table should automatically update?? Also all shop leads should have a real profile page.

Clear way to track/distinguish works in progress, i.e. taking notes to develop chemical hygiene plan, without publishing it officially (typically done with derivative templates like toolbox-gone craftarea-proposed)

Good intro to editing our Wiki

  • Projects
  • Shops
  • Other stuff???
  • Tools should be something like Help:Tools, Project:Tools or Wiki:Tools - it's one of the most popular pages and people are clearly looking for the actual tools list

Site Nav:

  • Better landing page
    • Categories: Shops (tools, policies, testing, etc), Members (benefits, profiles, etc), Making (projects, references, training), Community??, Wiki(how to use/edit/maintain the Wiki), Organization(board, staff, bylaws, etc) (Make/Learn/Teach?)
  • Make different portals,
  • Sidebar link lists [4]
  • Balance heirarchy and flatness
  • Idea: Metalworking portal to consolidate metalworking info (for people who don't yet know what the right shop is)?
  • Really nice landing page like this [5]
  • is it possible to view routes people follow to get to pages (instrumentation?), are visitors coming from the internet for us specifically, or for general info (i.e. documentation on a tool because they have one), analyze page link distance from e.g. main page to see if things are too buried

Basic Priorities

  • Easy to Maintain - info is valid
  • Easy to find info you need - good landing to quickly direct where you need to go
  • Encourage editing & reading through the whole thing
  • Make it a daily visit for active members, and go-to for updates for occasional users (make an automatic what's new section?)

Admin & Extensions

Install widgets extension Widget:Google_Spreadsheet

  • Template styles [6]
  • Dynamic Page List [7]
  • Header Footer[8]
  • Navbox (doesn't work on mobile) [9]

Page rendering:

  • Set proper viewport so it renders nicely on mobile. Ideally upgrade to version w/ responsive design.
  • Change styling to match the main Asylum page (colors, fonts)
  • Make look good on mobile (mediawiki usually uses a separate mobile version instead of responsive)
  • Make really good print template, so Wiki can be used to make signs (i.e. just print out current shop rules & it looks good)

Ability to make some content only available to logged-in users. Is there a way to cross check auth with our other systems?

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